5-Year-Olds Are More Fashion Forward Than We Are

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Think of a powerful, well-dressed person. Who comes to mind? Hopefully a five-year-old because Sailor Blu McColister, daughter of rapper Ace Hood and Shanice Sarratt has been killing the fashion game. Her parents have proudly announced that she looks better than most adults in their late twenties. I cannot say I disagree. Sailor Blu definitely dresses better than I ever have, especially with a button-up. Collars are not really my thing. She even has her own Instagram, where she poses with her best outfits on and shows the world how 5-year-old can rock the fashion industry as well. She goes by the name misssailorblu on social media, chilling in her fashion-forward attire.

To make matters better, Sailor Blu picks out her own pieces and undeniably does a good job. Her photos are blowing up on the Internet, showing off to viewers that she has better style and sass than the majority of young adults. I laugh at myself as I keep looking back at Sailor Blu’s photos. It is truly awesome to see a child be able to pick and choose what she feels good in and it also happens to be that her clothing choices reflect an older generation.

Children’s fashion is going crazy right now, it makes sense as to why Sailor Blu’s outfits are on point. Designers are now emerging with new ventures, most of them with kids fashion because there is a growing demand for it. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Ciara, and Beyonce are fashion go-getters. They are all having kids or have kids now and their children are looking like fashion icons as well. It is no wonder why everyone wants to dress their child like themselves now, too. Personally, I love when I see children dressing and acting just like their parents. It is fun to see how children can take after their parents so easily in terms of fashion and personality.

Fashion is a killer game we play, we are all trying to see who can wear an outfit best or who has the most authentic dress on. It happens everywhere from college to Fashion Week around the world. It seems like children do not care about fashion being a competition. Children are honest when it comes to their preferences. If they try something on and they hate it, you will definitely know. It is different with adults, who do not really get a say in what they wear or do. Children get more freedom with their actions, which results in a happier kid.

Sailor Blu has been putting us adults to sleep with her clothing that is more fashionable than what I have worn in years. She is already an influencing trendsetter for all those kids on the playground and at the beaches. Keep it up, Sailor Blu.

"I am a ship and I promise I will make it to the shores alive".Hello! My name is Serena Anthony, currently residing here in Chicago, IL, recently come from a five year stay in Malaysia. I am a Fashion Business major at Columbia College with a passion for incorporating writing and fashion together, which is awesome given that those are two of my favourite things. Especially after great sushi and a killer moshe cristo.Columbia is giving me the benefit of creatively getting a handle on my goals. Because I love art, more so when I get into a frenzy, this college is a mix of serious and enjoyable experiences. I hope to keep my future like that as well!

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