6 Reasons To Date This Summer

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Some people decide summer is not for dating — they don’t want the responsibility. Instead, most strive to spend the season finding adventure and going out with friends. Who can blame them really? It’s hot out — not cuddle weather. You have planned getaways for weekends or long summer escapes. Also, all your friends that were in hibernation are going out again. Then there is the idea that summers are just for flings and not for anything that could even lead to something serious. Thus, you reason that summer is not for dating. However, there are a few things you may be missing from dating if you do not give it a shot during this short season.

1. Outdoor experiences.
Sharing time with someone outdoors can be very refreshing. Whether it be a movie, a dinner, the beach or even a hike, your options may not only be romantic but eye opening. Seeing someone in these different environments and sharing time with them there provides opportunities for unique experiences and less comparison to other past dates.

2. More chances to wear your summer outfits.
You have plenty of summer outfits you want to wear -probably more outfits than you have for all the other seasons. Think about it this way, by dating this time of the year you’ll have more chances to wear them.

3. Longer days.
With the longer days you’ll be able to spend more time with this individual and get to know them more. Time is most definitely an important factor when it comes to dating and because it is so valuable you may tend to often not want to share it with strangers — if this is you then summer is even more perfect for your dating schedule.

4. You’re in a better mood.
More sun means more Vitamin D which all means a happier you. Simply, the great weather and desire for adventure allows you to see everything in a better light. Perhaps this summer optimism will do wonders for your dating life.

5. The vacation feeling.
Although working during the summer is the reality for most, after work, during weekends or days off, you can’t help but feel an extra feeling of freedom that you don’t necessarily feel during say fall or winter. That vacation type daring feeling and thirst for adventure could spark something in you and in potential relationships.

6. Summer lovin’.
Just think about it, most of the great love stories happened in the summer. Let your imagination run wild and hopeful. If it lasts, then you have someone to cuddle with in the fall and if it doesn’t, then you just have more summer fun to remember.

I enjoy wandering and getting lost because that's the only way to discover new aspects about people, places, things and most significantly myself. I find inspiration in the various elements of travel, history, sports, fashion, music, movies and food. Writing is one of the most rewarding means for me to share my enthusiasm for the details of those inspirations.

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