A Visitor of Arkansas Park Finds an 8.52 Carat Diamond

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Occasionally, the news is riddled with stories of extreme fortune. There are stories of incredibly lucky people – whose luck we wish we had. Although this isn’t a story of a lottery winner, it is one where a great sum of money is obtained.

Arkansas has what you call a Crater of Diamonds State Park. It was a diamond site established in the year 1972. On Wednesday, a visitor named Bobbi Oskarson was merely digging up some dirt in the park when she stumbled on a crystal. Initially, she thought it was a quartz crystal but when the staff saw it, they said it was a diamond.

Turns out, the crystal was an 8.52 carat large diamond. It is the fifth largest diamond to have been found from the park since its establishment in the early 70’s.

Oskarson said that she has named the diamond ‘Ezperanza’, which is the word for ‘Hope’ in Spanish and also happens to be the name of her niece.

Previously, a woman named Carol Blankenship from Shreveport found the ‘Star of Shreveport’ in the year 1981 which was a whopping 8.82 carat.

  • Bobby

    Why can the lucky one never be me? I would love to find an old diamond when simply digging up dirt!

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