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Move over Turbie Twist. There’s a new towel in town and it’s soaking up all the water.

Hair towel brand, Aquis, is hitting and launching its latest products on the wash-and-go stage. Aquis’ husband-and-wife team, Britta Cox and Suveen Sahib, strive to produce products that efficiently remove the water from your daily hair routine. The towel’s immediate absorption minimizes unwanted damage to your hair.

Aquis tells WWD that their towels are made from a weaving fabric that produces air pockets for the water to gently escape into. Cox says, instead of the common use of microfibers, Aquis towels are made of proprietary fabrics that won’t unnecessarily tug on your damp hair, which causes split ends and breakage.

Sahib and Cox have it down to a science. “Hair has got keratin in it, and that adds strength,” Sahib explains, “The keratin kind of has a drinking problem, and after a couple of minutes it starts absorbing water; that’s when hair starts stretching…it stretches to a point where it breaks.”

“It’s very critical to get the water out quickly, but in the most gentle way possible,” Cox adds.

While Urban Outfitters already stocks Aquis’ products in stores and online, the brand’s launch on will mark its debut into specialty beauty retail. Aquis is plotting further expansion with its sight sets on the shelves of Nordstrom, Bluemercury and Ulta. Cox and Sahib also talk of expanding continentally, with trips planned for Australia, Sweden, Finland, Singapore and China as well.

“Naturally curly hair is becoming big, or the fact that you’re more comfortable with the wash-and-wear attitude with hair,” Sahib comments, while Cox agrees, “It’s resonating really well with Millennials.”

As we keep that in mind, the Aquis products will start selling July 17th on Soon enough, the Me-Me-Me Generation could add Wash-and-Waer to an unending list of its impatient attributes.

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