Athleisure Might Be Giving Way

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Leggings, breathable jackets and sweat-wicking fabrics have all become wardrobe staples. The athleisure trend has had a heyday, but that may be coming to a close, Reuters reported.

One of the signalers is Lululemon Athletica’s stock decline, according to Reuters. The company might have run into trouble with design choices like color, but it’s not the only athleisure seller to see shares fall recently.

On March 30 sports clothing sellers Nike Inc and Under Armour were lower as well. In February, Nike reported that their revenue was lower than forecasts had it, and shares dropped up to 7.3 percent. Under Armour fared even worse, with a drop of 28 percent post-prediction of sales for 2017. As for Lululemon, March 30 saw a 23.4 percent downturn at closing time.

And although it may seem unlikely that a style based around comfort could disappear completely, the market has been fairly saturated with a wide selection of athleisure. Jan Rogers Kniffen, the chief executive of J. Rogers Kniffen WWE, a research and consulting company for retail businesses, observed that athleisure has become available from a multitude of brands and for every price range. Giants like Kohl’s and J.C. Penney have their own brands, and celebrities such as Beyoncé have jumped on the trend with collections as well. Even high fashion designers aren’t immune from the style.

New trends within the category develop, but variations on the basic styles are limited. As a style, athleisure has been around for about ten years now. Even if it’s still making the gym more fashionable, everyday wear outside workout time could shift quickly.

Camilo Lyon, an analyst with Canaccord Genuity, said that denim is coming back. Athleisure may take second chair to the retro trends of wide-leg and high-waist denim pants.

In industry terms, North American athleisure sales grew at about 6.9 percent over the previous 5 years. Now projections are at 5.2 percent for this year.

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