Brad Pitt Searching for New Director to ‘World War Z’ Sequel

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Brad Pitt is on the search for a new director after former director J.A Bayona, who is known for directing Jurassic World, decided to quit the project for the upcoming World War Z sequel. Pitt, who is planning to star in the sequel, is looking into old pals within the film industry to see if they would be interested in joining the project.

Along with Skydance and Paramount Pictures representatives, Pitt is in adamant discussions with David Fincher to join the World War Z sequel.

Fincher and Pitt have previously worked together on Se7en, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Fight Club. If Fincher joins the project, World War Z sequel, would be their fourth film collaboration together.

Pitt is not only starring in the sequel, but he is also an active producer for the new World War Z film. He also has met with other directors throughout the last year, but he is hoping Fincher would be the perfect match for the sequel. He is hoping that the new World War Z sequel will be able to start film production early 2017 if the project signs Fincher as the new director.

Two weeks ago, reportedly, Fincher and Pitt had lukewarm talks of the possibility of joining the new film, but it is still being debated whether or not Fincher will accept the directing offer. Pitt also commented that the real negotiations are still coming up in the future, saying that Skydance and Paramount have another director who was offered the part, but wanted to wait until Pitt talked to Fincher about the movie before they made a final decision.

Since 2014’s Gone Girl, David Fincher has yet to make another feature film. The esteemed director has of late been involved with Netflix to film the pilot episode of their new show “Mind Hunters.”

Fincher has commented previously in his career his dislike for sequels when he worked on the third horror Alien film. Film commentators think that he is reluctant to join the project only because he is afraid of directing a sequel film, but him and Pitt plan to discuss the potential job as more months pass by in 2016.

World War Z’s sequel was expected to premiere in theaters June 9th, 2017, but with their loss of director Bayona, they have yet to establish when the film is expected to start production again or when they film will be released.

The first film World War Z, in the beginning, had a rocky start in production, but the film earned more than $540 million dollars during its worldwide premiere in 2013.

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