‘Cinderella’ Trailer Finally Released

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“Have courage and be kind.” Disney has released the new ‘Cinderella’ trailer, starring Lily James as Ella, Cate Blanchett as the evil stepmother and Helena Bonham Carter as her fairy godmother. But of course, let’s not forget, Rob Stark… Err… Richard Madden as the handsome Prince.

One of Disney’s most famous Princesses, Cinderella is widely known. Anyone who hears her name knows her story. So, how did director Sir Kenneth Branagh spice things up?

“There was talk way back about redefining goodness as a superpower and kindness in the same way. I think it can be very active and charismatic and compelling, but it needs to be lightly done. This Cinderella, she’s not empowered in the sense of being adversarial or self-pitying or victimized. She makes her own choices and she doesn’t indulge in her own pain or have any regard for her own hardships. She’s generous of spirit, and we needed that in the actress. Lily has great generosity of spirit, which really you can’t fake. I think the audience will intuit that. She is good company. She’s un-showy, yet she’s charismatic. And she wants to enjoy herself! She takes the blows in the movie. There’s loss—the loss of loved ones. There’s the cruelty and ignorance of other people. She knows love can be fleeting and so she’s determined to enjoy it. Underneath all of that comes this sense of fun and this sense of humor. I think she’s fun and funny.” –Via E! News

Cinderella now becomes a heroine of her own story; the living, breathing, fighter, we’ve all wanted to see her be in our more modern time. Check out the trailer below.


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