Disney Channel Star Rowan Blanchard Uses Fashion to Make A Feminist Statement

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Rowan Blanchard, the star of Disney’s Girl Meets World, is dedicated to advocating human rights, diversity, gun violence, and lastly gender rights. Although as an outspoken feminist, Blanchard has decided to use fashion to make a statement about feminism.

At the age of fourteen, Blanchard wants to un-blur the relationship between fashion and feminism. Some feminists, or “second wave feminists” as Blanchard calls them, sometimes criticize women who still wear “girly” clothes and accuse them for the ongoing oppression. Blanchard, on the other hand, believes that feminists who dress against the assigned gender fashion items and “girly” fashionistas can not only co-exist together but can help the world realize women are capable of anything and everything a man could do.

She says one of the first steps for women to fight against oppression is to acknowledge most woman experience catcalling around the age of thirteen. Even though some people might think catcalling is not a big deal, but these small acts could teach girls at a young age that if they want boyfriends, they need to appease their male gaze.

Recently the actress took a casual photo shoot for an independent style and fashion website Refinery29, which displayed her sixties-inspired feminist fashion. Some of the items she used for her photo shoot contained gender neutral blouse and jacket by Dior, Vans, and flare pants from COS. Not only that, but she displayed one of her favorite custom t-shirts with artist Jenny Holzer’s slogan “Abuse of power comes as no surprise” stitched on the front of the top.

Rowan Blanchard has also participated in a short film for Kenzo clothing and is set to release during New York Fashion Week in September. She has also attended multiple international Fashion Weeks for years and admires Laura and Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte fashion designs.

Blanchard says that usually actresses worry so much about their fashion, but for her fashion has become an escape from work and social pressures.

Rowan Blanchard continues to fight for feminism by posting online essays about the issue and spreading womanhood pride on her social media accounts.

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