Forbes Crowns Taylor Swift Highest Paid Celebrity

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Boys, you’re the reason for the teardrops on her guitar…

And now her Forbes’ ranking for highest paid celebrity. At an astounding $170 million, Forbes credits most of Taylor Swift’s income to her star-studded 1989 World Tour. But Idina Menzel and Nick Jonas aren’t the only one to thank for the ‘Blank Space’ singer’s booming success.

We must remember where our admiration for the budding country singer began, because when we think Tim McGraw, we think of our now favorite pop sensation. Tay Swift.

On the same debut album, we met heartbreaker Drew who was the reason for teardrops on guitars everywhere.

And seriously, whoever was that redneck heartbreaker who never let Taylor drive his stupid old pickup truck, well, he must glad his name wasn’t put on blast. Sorry bud, you were just another picture to burn as Swift began her blazing career atop country music’s charts.

At the age of 16, Taylor became a five-time platinum album holder and as of January 2015, over six million copies of her self-titled album have been sold worldwide. Aka her exes are still dumping money bags into the 26-year-olds now deep pockets.

Remember when Joe Jonas said forever and always? We bet he’s wishing he didn’t. Luckily, only one-third of the JoBros trio was added to Swift’s album, ‘Fearless,’ which won Album of the Year at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards, the American Music Awards of 2009, the Country Music Association and the Academy of Country Music Awards. Thanks for never calling, Joe.

Oh, we haven’t forgotten about dear John…Mayer. Didn’t you think T-Swift was too young to be messed with? We definitely knew he was trouble when he walked into Taylor’s life. But, honestly, thank goodness you did. Or we would never have been introduced to the quintuple platinum single that steered us through our bad boy stages.

And finally, to the unfortunate demise of Taylor Squared. Taylor Swift allegedly just wasn’t that into you Taylor Lautner. But, she did feel bad about dumping you. Wishing she could go back to December, Lautner stands as the inspiration for one of Swift’s more apologetic chart toppers.

The real question is whether we’ll be hearing another platinum album about Tay’s most recent breakup with boyfriend, Calvin Harris. Or, has Mr. Hiddleston been easing the pain already?

Either way, from our teenage heartbreak to yours, we say thanks, boys.

Hailing from Ewing, I'm a Jersey girl through and through meaning endless bagels and constantly defending the state from the stereotypes of Snooki and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast. I love the red carpet of any and all award shows and shamelessly indulge in Fashion Police the next day with an even greater intrigue. I'm an avid Netflix binge-watcher, but could also be perfectly content traveling around Europe with a few of the classics and a map in my bag.

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