Google Is Becoming Like Pinterest For Fashion

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Pinterest is a fashion girl’s dream, where she is able to find outfit ideas for any event of her choosing. Google, wanting to get more into the competitive field, is expanding the search site to include “Similar Items” and “Style Ideas” when you are searching for the latest handbag from Kate Spade, for example. Google has expanded the search site to include apparel, making Google a more inviting search engine now, rather than having to deal with Pinterest’s “Get The App!” advertisements that appear when you try the mobile website. The best thing about Google involving style ideas is that you do not have to think about what clothes you have, when you can see in plain sight what you can mix and match.

Google has been receiving backlash from users who also have been using Pinterest, but Google will cater towards older people who do not understand the technology of Pinterest. It can get quite tricky if you do not have to know how the various categories work. Pinterest does have a way to scan images from your phone to see other specific products that help you develop a style that is yours, which is what makes it better than Google, but wait and see.

Google might bump heads with Pinterest over time and that will definitely come as a challenge to Google, but they are willing to risk that to see how many users they will accumulate over a few months. They have shifted to mobile because of the increasing demand from society so hopefully they will see a wave of consumers shopping on Google now. It will be easier than trying to scan hopelessly on a laptop (as people say). Google’s new invention sounds more fun than buying attire then realizing that nothing in your closet matches. It can get tiring after a while.

Google will show an individual different models wearing clothing that resemble what you have searched for, providing a benefit for people to see what else they can buy to make an outfit. In the long run, it is a great marketing system. The images are also ones of great quality. They are also of real-life pictures so you know that people have been seen in these specific set of clothes. Google is an easier search engine than most sites and it is popular, which is why they have expanded into fashion. With the fashion industry blowing up, it is no surprise that a well-known credited website has taken to the likes as well.

Before, Google had only posted sunglasses, bags, and various accessories, but they soon figured out it was not enough. It is all about the fashion woman, not forgetting about the fashion man, who will most likely become interested in Google’s new voyage into the fashion realm. The competitive nature of sites has been evolving into a bigger storm, but I am sure people will be thrilled that there is another option when it comes to searching for the best outfit for your style. It will be awesome.

"I am a ship and I promise I will make it to the shores alive".Hello! My name is Serena Anthony, currently residing here in Chicago, IL, recently come from a five year stay in Malaysia. I am a Fashion Business major at Columbia College with a passion for incorporating writing and fashion together, which is awesome given that those are two of my favourite things. Especially after great sushi and a killer moshe cristo.Columbia is giving me the benefit of creatively getting a handle on my goals. Because I love art, more so when I get into a frenzy, this college is a mix of serious and enjoyable experiences. I hope to keep my future like that as well!

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