Hole In the Wall: Cafe Habana

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There is nothing wrong with adding some flavor into your diet. It is a healthy practice to enjoy the savory seasonings of another culture’s recipes. The cultural fusion of Mexican and Cuban cuisine was perfected in 1997, at a place called Cafe Habana, where owner Sean Meenan renovated an old Dominican Diner in SoHo, New York.

Cafe Habana, Cafe Habana To Go, Habana Outpost in BK and Cafe Habana Malibu were all established under one goal: to serve the people good food. The restaurant is infamous for their Cubano Sandwich, which is voted #1 around New York City. The flavorful sandwich is filled with well roasted pork shoulder with a thick slice of ham granting a full, tender bite each and every time. I’m telling you, your mouth will be drooling! Another hit on the menu is their Mexican Grilled corn, and they have many other big, unique hits. Reviews on Yelp, Trip Advisor and Menu pages feature quite outstanding comments about this place.

Not only is Cafe Habana known for food, but it also created New York’s first solar-powered restaurant at its Brooklyn Location.

No reservations needed! You can stroll on into Habana Outpost Brooklyn on a Sunday and even catch a free movie while enjoying your meal. The place is decorated with art pieces you should take a peak out while waiting for your table.

Located in California? You can get yourself a nice, cold drink if you get the chance to visit the Malibu location. You might even bump into a couple of A-List Celebs there.

Margaritas anyone ?


I’m a Brooklyn native, currently pursuing a degree in Media Studies with a focus on Film and Television. I am the wild flower that grew through the cracks of the concrete.

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