Ivanka Trump’s New Jewelry Direction

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Ivanka Trump’s fine jewelry line is about to be discontinued, due to the expense. Bracelets and other high-end jewelry were priced up to $10,000, which was not easy for shoppers to access. Nordstrom was one of the companies to promote Ivanka Trump’s collection, but amid poor sales, it was difficult to maintain. The brand would rather focus on stylish, affordable accessories. Trump’s Fine Jewelry line was one of the first collections to release when Ivanka launched her brand, before she started to sell handbags, shoes and clothes. Ivanka Trump founded her brand back in 2007 with items in her store that cost up to $25,000. With the help of Abigail Klem, the Ivanka Trump company will be selling their pieces with cost deductions that fit the description of the working woman.

Klem, who is now the company president, has made it a goal of suiting customers expectations and needs, focusing more on how well the company can do when the costs are less expensive than usual. Though Ivanka is not working alongside her brand as much now, she is still involved with the finances. She probably would want Klem’s idea to work well. Fashion jewelry, which is different than the Fine Jewelry will be sold in the companies for now, seeing as they are aligned with the rest of the items at decent price points. Recent partnership with the company Lord and Taylor features accessories that are in the price range of about $100, said by The New York Times. When Klem took over in January of 2017, she found herself dragged into the remnants of the election. Sales were doing well, but she still had to try and get people to support Ivanka Trump’s brand again despite Trump protest. The new President of The United States was making it a bit tedious to do so. Klem wanted to make a “second identity” for Ivanka Trump, seeing as she is not only Donald Trump’s daughter.

Abigail wanted a separate company away from the Trump name as it was interfering with how the company is doing. She has said, “Politics complicated matters”, which is true when you are trying to make sure your brand has a certain image and attribute to keep positive. There will be new target market research to happen because Klem wants to be able to understand the consumer dynamic. Right now, women aged 25 to 40 are who buy Ivanka Trump’s assortments. New York, California, and Texas are the biggest markets so far with sales going from $60,000 to $100,000 a year. There is an argument spinning around trying to say that there will be a new market specifically designed towards voters because Donald Trump “has called himself “the champion” of the working class”. Politics again comes into view when the brand promoted a bracelet Ivanka Trump wore on “60 Minutes”, an interview talk-show. Critics have said that this clashes between fashion and politics, which may knock business off a few feet. The fashion company apologised for letting that one slide. Because of the potential altercations that could come from the election, Ivanka removed herself from the brand’s leadership role for a while. Ivanka does still hold dear to the company, especially with the increased sales that have been happening online. Despite companies refusing to sell Ivanka Trump’s stock, website shoppers have made it so Ivanka Trump’s line was jumping 346 percent more, in this year alone.

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