Jaime King: The Model Comeback

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Comebacks are inevitable in the entertainment and fashion world. It is hard for designers, actors, models, etc. to always be on the top of the game. With new faces always coming into the scene, staying relevant and top competition can be challenging. Sometimes we see them fall off the radar only to be replaced by the hottest and newest people in their line of work.

Going from the top to being nobody can be a tough concept to grasp. Many will try to reinvent themselves or their designs so that they can be back to where they once were. Sometimes it can be a challenge because people no long think they are “cool” or that their time being on the top has passed. So when planning a comeback, they need to make sure everything they do is top notch.

For models, making a comeback can be a challenge. Casting directors always want to find the newest, youngest, and freshest face available. Once models hit a certain age, they can be considered “worn out” and many casting directors will not want to have them on the runway or in magazines. They would rather have that new hottest model that represents the new age of fashion.

This can cause many models to retire at a very young age because they are not what the industry wants anymore. But, for model Jaime King, she was determined to not be old news anymore. King was one of the most beloved faces in the 90’s, but then came new desirable younger faces who took her spot. She took time away from modeling but now she is back ready to make her return. Her first feature was in a stylish campaign for Miu Miu.

The blond bombshell looked better than ever in a girly shoot for the brand. In the shoot, she embraced many different looks of color and texture. Photographer, Alasdair McLellan, was the one who shot the photos for this campaign that allowed Jamie to make her bold comeback to the fashion world.

Jaime exhilarates attraction and is beaming in the new campaign shoots. Her elevated cheekbones, legs for days, baby blue eyes and flawless smile leave her always looking picture perfect. Even with time off from modeling, this blond beauty has not missed a beat and looks better than ever.

The campaign was meant to look like a fun-filled girl’s night out. King was photographed alongside much younger models; Lily Nova, Iesha Hodges, and Samantha Archibald. The photo shoot took place inside a lux London Hotel.

Jaime knew exactly how to embrace the brand’s eclectic glamor for the campaign. She triumphs in many retro-glam looks, that combine different knit surfaces along with silk and jewels to add a unique twist on vintage chic.

This return to fashion is a huge accomplishment for the small-town Nebraska girl, who just celebrated her 38th birthday on April 23. This glam goddess rose to fame in the nineties, beginning her career in modeling at the young age of fourteen.

After years of success in modeling, she decided to make the transition to acting, like most models, tend to do. Her first big appearance was in Pearl Harbor and later had a leading role in Bulletproof Monk. After appearing on the big screen she then found success on Television, starring in a series called Hart of Dixie on The CW. For this show, she played a country girl and was cast on the show for four seasons.

She has always had a true passion for modeling and acting, but besides that, she feels her true calling is being a mom. She has two kids with her husband Kyle Newman.

With all countless success she has had in the past with modeling, it is no wonder she can make such an amazing comeback. She exhilarates sophistication and beauty and shows that it is never too late to keep pursuing your dreams.

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