John Richmond shows Fall/Winter 2014-15 during Milan Men’s Fashion Week

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The standout in this show were the shoes and the blazers. They had the most unique and intricate designs, styles and colors. Embroidery was a big part of this collection that included Asian inspirations, geometrical shapes, and song lyrics. First off, to start the show with red soled shoes set the tone for the whole event. You start wondering what will come next and what colors will I see? So you look for colors and see fabrics like a gray and purple shaded fur bomber and waistline jacket. Coloring the stage again comes a red leather asymmetrical zippered motorcycle jacket with a geometrical pattern of a half circle resembling a sunrise or a half moon depending on your mood and outlook. Paired with black trousers and red patent leather monk strap shoes. Wanting more red comes a red checkered coat that had a black velvet collar, flap pocket details together with matching trousers and another pair of red soled shoes. In between all the reds and leathers, there were numerous blue leather and suede loafers with cross designs that accented the dark look and gave a light blue skies feel and also featured were white shoes that contrasted the leather jackets and pants. Leather was used in various designs being the focal point and being the accenting detail as part of a down jacket with leather sleeves, or when used as the centerpiece in a complete black design involving a chevron leather blazer that has wool patch pockets and sleeves with black leather monk strap shoes having metal cross details. One of the finer fabrics, silk, was used in a variety of ways being introduced with a black bomber jacket having a print of a crying female angel statue surrounded by fully bloomed red roses. That same print design was used with a silk shirt and a neoprene sweater showcasing the print applications to various fabrics. However, when it comes to fabrics, velvet is one that you either love or hate.

John Richmond used velvet as both accents with collars and trims but mainly as one of the main components of a look with numerous velvet pants. His silver velvet two piece suit really portrayed what velvet could do in the right environment. Gray is nice, silver velvet is for the bold though. Another look that was for the bold was a leather jacket with diamond studs and his white silk x-ray shirt with python embroidery applications on the sleeves. When it comes to being bold, just saying it is only half the battle. Wearing and doing something bold is the other half. The boldest piece in the whole collection was also the last item showcased. It came in the form of a traditional black dinner blazer. Only this dinner blazer had Lou Reed lyrics embroidered all around the jacket. Front, back, shoulders, sleeves. The only parts that were left untouched were the lapels, the collar, and the silk besom pockets. Although it would have been so much more bold if the lapels were embroidered too. In the end John Richmond gave us a collection that showcased numerous bold colors, designs, patterns and stitching details along with fabrics that otherwise most would not dare to wear. Maybe bold will be the new subtle and in that case this collection would still be bold.

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“The clothes do make the man.” How you’re dressed is the first thing someone notices and you only get one first impression, so why not make it great always? My interests are men’s fashion and lifestyle.

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