Kansas City Designer Making Purses With Freedom from Perfection

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A Kansas City designer is making bags whose “imperfect” designs are a commentary on human imperfection, according to Fox 4 News. Pamela Williams wanted to go outside the regular bounds of the fashion industry’s focus on perfection and create something whose flaws made it unique, so she is designing purses with asymmetric and “imperfect” elements, such as naturally flawed leather.

The designer has a business named “Freedom Shoe.” Williams said she was inspired by the human desire for free self-expression. Adding purses to the footwear she makes is an extension of that mission. “We’re all brilliant, we’re all unique, we’re all individual, and we all have scars and imperfections that tell our story. And my purses—I think that they personify that,” she told Fox 4 News.

Williams showed several of her designs, such as a bag with the names of cities emblazoned over the front at different angles, a blending of places including her home city of London, England. Williams moved from London to Kansas City to pursue her college education. She began her business thereafter.

Other designs available on Williams’ site at the time of writing include a purse with a mismatched python pattern, clutches with avant-garde jagged flaps, and a distressed crossbody bag. Williams uses embossed, dyed, and hair on hide leathers as well as more natural looks, often combining materials.

The designer wants to celebrate peoples’ differences and purpose, be free to be imperfect, and let others know they can do the same: “You are beautiful; you’re here for a reason; embrace your differences.”

Williams is donating earnings from selling the purses to Stand for the Silent, an organization against bullying. Her designs can also be seen on her Instagram, and for anyone in the Kansas City area, are available in the West Bottoms at The Space at 1412, according to Fox.

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