Kanye’s Newest Rant

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Rapper Kanye West, 37, has stirred another controversy over his behavior. As West performed at the Wireless Festival in London, held in Finsbury Park, this past weekend, he launched into a 20 minute rant mid-performance. The tirade mainly complained out the media and fashion industry. Fans did not take too well to this unnecessary speech; they responded by booing him off the stage. The crowd was comprised of a whopping 50 thousand people.

Kanye West entered the stage in a bejeweled Maison Martin Margiela mask. His speech began during his rendition of “Runaway,” stopping during the song to begin his rant. His speech contained statements such as, “They taking the idea of celebrity and make me seem like I was stupid or something!” As well as, “I just want to be awesome and hang around my awesome friends and change the world!”

Major fashion brands such as Gucci, Nike and Louis Vuitton were attacked by West. He preached, “I’m not going to mention any names but…Nike, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Don’t discriminate against me ’cause I’m a black man making music. ‘F–k saving face and what it’s supposed to mean, it’s about living my dream.”

As West continued, he asserted that the media talks about him like he is a “terrorist.” Additionally, he expressed his dismay over the camera angle set-up for his performance.

The speech was so dragged out that apparently much of the audience left the festival. Someone told Daily Mail, “Hundreds of people left the park early because they were so bored of his long rant.” Others who stuck around booed West after he exited the stage.

See some of Mr. West’s ranting in the video below.

Tweets followed this explosive lecture. Twitter users expressed their dissatisfaction with the performer’s declaim, writing tweets such as,“There is a time and a place to get on your soap box @kanyewest and #wireless is not the place.”

Aligning with his words at Wireless Festival, West recently admitted that he could only work with “number ones,” explaining why he is best friends with Jay-Z, husband to Kim K. and a collaborator with Apple.



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