Karl Lagerfeld blurred the lines between fashion and art in Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2014 show

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Karl Lagerfeld blurred the lines between fashion and art in Chanel’s much talked about production during Paris Fashion Week 2014. It was not the collection itself that got people’s attention, but the venue of the show. Chanel’s “Grand Magasin” transported people to a supermarket for all their fashion needs. Grocery shelves stacked with at least five hundred everyday products with labels that have been re-coded in Chanel speak greeted the audience. Items you may have once been familiar with were reintroduced with their couture label. Chain saws and grocery baskets embellished in real Chanel chains, along with Chanel potato chips and detergent are some of the items that can be found in a Chanel grocery store. Lagerfeld was clearly making a statement, a celebration of consumerism some might say, or a satire of it. But Lagerfeld committed to the supermarket theme down to the shoes of the collection. Lagerfeld made trainers couture, creating a collection based on the footwear. Tweed, color, and shape are words that can be used to describe this collection, a variety of silhouettes with a variety of colors. Bright geometric patterned fabric was used to line coats as well as constructed into a corset, skirt, scarf, and bag. This collection has been called the most dramatic Lagerfeld has ever offered for Chanel. What is Lagerfeld’s overall message? “Fashion’s a supermarket, so you might as well shop”.

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