New York City’s Brightest New Workout Scene

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New York City is home to the newest high-tech workout.  AG6.  This high-intensity circuit routine utilizes floor-to-ceiling LED lights to guide you through a series of heart-pumping exercises.  The non-proft organization, Asphalt Green, installed the 1,800 square-foot PRAMA facility with the hopes of uncovering its user’s “sixth sense”.  Asphalt Green believes the training experience builds your endurance levels, while achieving the ultimate total body workout.  A thousand calories in 45-minutes.  Where do I sign?

Asphalt Green is the first North American fitness facility to install a PRAMA workout center.  PRAMA stands by PAVIGYM as their exclusive floor manufacturer, as they have designed an interactive LED light display using touch screen software.  Asphalt Green’s promotional video for AG6 shows the club-like atmosphere of the training facility.  The classes quickly transition from stationary sprints to medicine ball tosses, all controlled by the path of the LED lights.

The AG6 workout was officially launched April 19th of this year and has been met with rave reviews from its class members. Asphalt Green retweeted one its member’s appreciation of the seemingly hiphop playlist, featuring Beyonce, Usher and J.Cole.  Clearly the lights aren’t the only element of AG6’s club atmosphere.

One twitter fan even described the facilty as a “high tech arcade themed workout”. This workout is sure to pinball its attendees around as the PRAMA system allows trainers to choose from over 500 different exercises. You’re executing a high-intensity exercise for a 30 to 60-second interval, until a 15 to 30-second rest. Cue the light show, and repeat.

At only $35 per session for non-members, and with those proceeds helping fund free youth athletic teams and scholarship awards, this seems a no brainer. So sign up for the newest technology of fitness training and be prepared to sweat.

For more information and a chance to see the disco training atmosphere in action, visit

Hailing from Ewing, I'm a Jersey girl through and through meaning endless bagels and constantly defending the state from the stereotypes of Snooki and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast. I love the red carpet of any and all award shows and shamelessly indulge in Fashion Police the next day with an even greater intrigue. I'm an avid Netflix binge-watcher, but could also be perfectly content traveling around Europe with a few of the classics and a map in my bag.

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