Raven-Symone’s Controversial Comments

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Recent comments from Raven-Symone, actor and co-host of The View, have caused many to question “Is she ashamed to be black?” The co-host has been blasted about the remarks she made, causing her to be deemed as someone likely to put their foot in their mouth. In the most recent controversy, she states she would deny someone of an opportunity due to a preference of their name.


“I am not about to hire you if your name is Watermelondrea. That’s just not gon’ happen. I’m not gonna hire you.” Raven says. Whoopi Goldberg, in shock, places her hands on her chest and looks away after the statement. Days later after gaining some heat for the statement Raven turns to Facebook. A post trying to clarify that her comment was not racially directed. Then she goes into explaining how she herself has been discriminated against and “empathize” with anyone who has. Raven’s post ends by assuring that she has never discriminated against someone because of their name, while also going to the standard celebrity answer of saying her account was hacked. Missing the “I’m sorry,” she has not truly apologized about the comment but has acknowledged that what she said was wrong.

Racial comments from Symone that have led people to question her feelings towards her own race include: “I am not African-American, I am American”, justifying this statement by saying she does not want to be labeled. Another controversy began when she agreed that the first lady, Michelle Obama, looks like an ape.

From interviews to talk shows it does not seem like she is too satisfied with her own heritage. Of course everyone has the right to voice their opinion, but when one does, it says something about that individual, whether unintentional or intentional. Many of her statements seem to straight out discredit blacks and undermine the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which stands for stopping the excessive force against African Americans, when the majority of police brutality is towards black.


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