Rules for Road Trip Passengers

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There are rules for passengers during regular car rides and then there are those for road trips. Hours and hours on a highway or unknown small town roads may offer opportunities for fun and spontaneity but may also be very draining, especially for the driver.

While the season for road trips is fast approaching and you are starting to make plans for adventures via car, keep in mind a few rules to make the experience pleasant and memorable for everyone on board.

1. Don’t fall asleep for most of the ride. Of course there will come times when you want to take a nap. However, remember that sleep is contagious. If the driver has been driving for several hours –or is the only driver- seeing someone sleeping may make them sleepy. Instead, make sure most of the passengers –if there are others -alternate taking naps and that most are alert and awake while the driver is driving. If you are the only passenger consider only taking quick naps if necessary. If you are tired chances are the driver is too and possibly even more so. This most significantly applies if you are riding shot gun –not only are you right next to the person driving so are easily visible but you are also the copilot in a sense –you have additional duties to adhere to.

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