Trend Alert: White Booties and Ankle Boots

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Fashion isn’t always practical.

And although styles at the Fashion’s MAGIC UBM trade show have demonstrated an overall trend for the relaxed, the comfortable and even the surprisingly practical, bringing out bohemian cuts and easygoing fits, the industry and the fads will still have their whimsies.

For the fall 2017 season, it’s looking like that might come out in shoes. WWD reported multiple labels showing white ankle boots. Though they don’t seem to be made for trekking through muddy leaf-strewn paths or even slightly dirty streets, in a way, the white shoe is an almost solely fashionable choice because of its impracticality. However you see it, the fad has potential in office footwear and safe indoor parties; just don’t spill your drink.

At Fashion’s MAGIC, label Vagabond kept the look basic and the fit simple with a low-heeled white boot with no lacing or straps; instead, the shoes rely on elastic inserts, contrasting in black, for a fit. They also brought a plain wide-heeled bootie with a point toe, a more chic look.

Dolce Vita also had a minimalistic style, featuring a simple mid-height boot with a side zipper and a narrow build; however, they brought another style a little less basic. Their other design features a solid heel, a black and silver zipper running from mid-foot to the boot’s top, and a wide strap over the front of the ankle.

Via Spiga stuck to a simple design and relied on the piecing of the shoe to create a little drama, adding black stretch inserts and distinctly cut lines blocking out the pieces of the boot. They also featured the same shoe in all black and released both colors for their simple, almost seamless booties as well.

The Reaction Kenneth Cole shoe added interest by sliding some pieced lines behind the zipper on the side of their boot, which tapers to a pointed toe, the slickest looking of the bunch. All of the designs look fairly basic, making this a trend with potential multi-season power—so long as you keep out of the mud.

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