Uniqlo Will Be Collaborating With J.W. Anderson

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If you do not know J.W. Anderson, he is the founder of his signature label J.W. Anderson and he also is the creative director of the Spanish brand Loewe. His career has already been off to a great start and now he will be venturing in another new direction. J.W. Anderson will now be collaborating with Uniqlo, a casual clothing retailer that was started in Japan. Uniqlo is looking to expand their brand and having Anderson put his finishing touches on fashion will be a kickstart in their business. Uniqlo has been struggling in competition with other retailers and they are looking to up their game. With Anderson taking some of the reigns, they might be able to.

Anderson will be making a capsule collection for the brand. Uniqlo brought him in to help celebrate British heritage. The senior vice president of Fast Retailing, a Japanese manufacturing company and the research and design expert Yuki Katsuta believes Anderson has a good embodiment of British fashion. Because Uniqlo is somewhat specialized in winter apparel, Anderson’s style of duffle coats and sweaters will help Uniqlo bring a different element of that style into Uniqlo.

Katsuta said, “In partnering with J.W. Anderson, one of Britain’s most innovative and creative brands, we will tap into traditions while pursuing progress in designs and fabrics, to craft styles that are enduringly appealing”.

Uniqlo has worked alongside designers Jil Sanders, Carina Roitfield, and Ines de la Fressange. Bringing bigger names to collaborate with is a great idea with fast-fashion brands that are looking for something to boost business. Everyday, fashion is growing more. Anderson has an eye for that and he also has a minimalist sense of design that is noticeable and comfortable. It is perfect for Uniqlo, who has adopted a strategy of unisex clothing that is suitable for everyone. They also produce apparel with a soft comfort that makes people warm and secure in what they are wearing.

Anderson’s designs will be wallet-friendly, sticking in the lines of Uniqlo’s affordable prices as well. It will be interesting to see the collaboration come together because Uniqlo needed a change from what they normally do. It is not easy for companies to want to take risks, but for Uniqlo, they are seeking out opportunities that will grow their brand. J.W. is a high-end designer with a knack for coming up with ideas all the time, that is what they are supposed to do. Uniqlo will be improved when Anderson is done with the collection. It will drop in the fall, which is perfect for Uniqlo because much of their product is aimed towards that season.

Hopefully, Uniqlo will be driving bigger and better sales. They have already been broadening the company with ready-to-wear and faster shipping. Let us see what is next in store.

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