Why Yes I Want A Puppy Party!

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People always want the new. We want to entertain our loved ones, employees, and sometimes adults just want to be crazy and have some fun. More and more people want more wholesome entertainment instead of the usual. One thing all ages alike can agree on is that there is nothing like a puppy to bring out your softer side. Puppies are appropriate for all ages young and old. You’ll never have to worry, “Did the stripper just say that?” Or, “Did you smell the clown? I don’t think he bath this week?” Even big businesses are jumping on this new wholesome trend. Who wants a stripper for the bachelor or bachelorette party when you can have puppies kiss instead and not get in trouble because you smell like another? Who does not love puppy breath?

Puppy parties are growing like there’s no tomorrow. Coast to coast adults are holding puppy parties. According to the Wall Street Journal, Puppies and Reptiles for Parties owner Virgil Stewart stated that in 2014 the Los Angeles Dodgers had a puppy party to encourage fans to vote for their players for the All-Star Game.

Via flickr/ Aaron Meyers
Image via Flickr/Aaron Meyers

Last week in Brooklyn, New York, one of the biggest puppy parties ever was held. Over 9000 dog lovers rented the Brooklyn Pier for their beloved pooches so that they could all play together and have the coolest party on the block. There were splash zones, DJ’s, and even photo booths to take selfies. There were even props for the puppies in the photo booths! Foster and adoption centers were set up as well. There was even a dog-friendly firework zone created by the company Voyce.

Bark Fest co-owners Carly Strifer, Matt Mekler, and Henrik Wedelin all feel that next year’s attendance for Bark Fest 2016 will double in numbers. The owners also said that they could not have done it without the help from all of the sponsors. They better triple the order for the hot dogs next year because there will be a lot of hungry puppies and owner competing in the hot dog eating contest!

The party ideas are pure genius. It’s incredible that people of different colors and from various parts of the world can agree on one thing: their puppies are the best part of their lives. The party was not only for the humans but also for all those animals that need a home to call their own. Another good thing is that it brings people together in a time when we need to stick together.

Image by Flickr/gomagoti

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