Women Taking A Stand For What’s Right

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Women never do anything half-heartedly. When they want to get the word across for a cause, the make sure that everyone hears them. On March 8 there was a Women’s March on Washington and the women who participated in this strike made sure that they had a plan together. They strong minded women who chose to be in this march all got together the day before and thought out thoroughly exactly how they wanted this event to go down. If they were going to do something that sent such a strong message to this country, they wanted to make sure they did it right.

The real magic happened a little while before this march took place. The women who planned to participate in the event met with an acclaimed photographer, Pamela Hanson, and had a session with her to come up with a creative way to make a stand. Hanson has always felt strongly towards woman’s rights and wanted to do something special for this cause. The woman stood confident in front of the camera and spoke out about all issues that they felt passionate about, which included many different things besides just women’s rights.

The ending result of this session came to an inspiring video that included twenty-five women from all different aspects of life speaking out for causes they believed in. Each woman also was wearing a cashmere sweater with quotes and words sewn through the front. This really took true to the saying of wearing politics on your sleeve.

The shoot was everything that the women and Hanson hoped for and more. Hanson was able to capture the diverse set of women in many spectacular ways and allow each woman to do whatever they wanted or say whatever the felt. Even though this cause has such strong meaning towards Hanson, she said that she never talked much of the issue publicly. But then when this latest election rolled around it sparked a fire inside of her to really come up with a way to take a stand.

Sadly, during the actual women’s march, Hanson was in South Africa but and could not physically attend it. But she still made sure that she still was able to do something to be part of it. To do this she had a friend go around to women and asking them to talk about the march reissue. Then they offered each women a sweater like the ones used the shoot. She wanted all women to have a chance to show off these sweaters and send out a strong political message. Some different sayings that were on the sweaters included “Power to the people”, “Educate girls, change the world”, “Resist” and many more. They all had short and sweet messages that held strong and powerful meaning.

The March become such a success because of all the passion that came from each woman in attendance. The women all shared such inspiring stories of reasons they felt so strongly about women’s rights and made such strong statements regarding the cause. No one wants to see women succeed more than other women. They all stood together strong and supported each other. At this march it did not matter your race, religion, education, etc., all that mattered was that you were a strong individual who believed in a cause of equal rights.

It is so empowering to see such inspiring women. Sometimes in our world, people feel there is no point to advocate for a cause because your voice may not be heard. That is why it is so special to see so many women actually voicing out and standing up for what they believe in rather than hiding behind the woodworks and keeping quieted.

If no one ever spoke their words, then nothing would ever change in this world. People need to take lessons from these strong women and learn a thing or two about how to stay strong in tough times and always be persist. Never back down because your ‘scared’ or have fear no one will listen to you. It is better to say what you believe in and get rejected and scowled on than to have never said anything at all.

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