Your Next Holiday Look is Here! Part 4 of a Tutorial Series

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Hello beauty fans! This week we are going to talk about a few more Christmas holiday looks and at the end of the week we are going to have a best of beauty for 2016 shebang, it’s going to be a busy week! As always grab your favorite drink, settle in, and let’s talk beauty.

Today’s combo was inspired by the earth tones that are popular this time a year and is a monochromatic look. Ie: The lipstick matches the deeper tones of the eyeshadows used. This look was created using all MAC products!

How to Get the Look:

Step 1 Apply Eyeshadow Primer

Any eyeshadow primer will do, but you all know my favorites by now! As always please make sure to apply a primer before applying eyeshadow otherwise your eyeshadow will not stay put and you will end up with it underneath your eyes!

Step 2 Apply Soft Brown

Using a MAC 224 or Sigma E40, swirl your brush in Soft Brown and tap off the excess. Then apply from the lower to upper crease in windshield wiper and circular motions, but do not bring the color up to the brow bone!

Step 3 Apply Saddle

Using a MAC 224 or Sigma E40 swirl your brush in Saddle and tap off the excess, then apply to the crease below Soft Brown in windshield wiper and circular motions. Then go back over it with a clean blending brush to make sure there are no harsh lines. I like to use the Morphe M505 brush for this!

Step 4 Apply Embark

Using a Sigma E25 or a MAC 217 brush, swirl your brush in Embark and tap off the excess. Apply the color on the outer corner of the eyelid in patting motions then start blending in circular motions (bring it VERY slightly in towards the center of the eye) then blend up into the lower crease right under Saddle.

Tip: To make the outer V color really deep, use a dense blending brush like the Morphe M433. It packs on the color really nicely while simultaneously helping to slightly blend. Since this brush only slightly blends you need to go back over it with a fluffier brush like the Morphe M505 to make sure there are no harsh lines.

Step 5 Apply Tan Pigment

Using a MAC 242 brush, take a small amount of Tan pigment and apply to the eyelid and pat, do not swipe the pigment on the eyelid. If you swipe it will fall all over your face. If you do your foundation last this isn’t a problem, but if you do your foundation first it will ruin your face makeup and under eye concealer.

Tip: To add even more knock out power to your lid color, load up your brush with the pigment then spritz it once or twice with some Fix Plus and apply, making sure to pat not swipe of course!  This technique turns any shimmery shadow/pigment into a nice metallic finish, kicking up the glam factor!

Then taking your E25 or 217 apply a little more Embark on the outer v of the eyelid making sure to blend the edges between the lid color and Embark.

Step 6 Apply Eyeliner

You can either use liquid or gel for this. When working on clients I like to use black gel liner. With this look you can add a nice sharp wing, a little flick, or just follow the natural shape of your eye.

Step 7 Smoke Out Lower Lash Line

Using a pencil brush, swirl your brush in Saddle, tap off the excess, then run it back and forth on your lower lash line from outer to inner corner. Repeat with Embark then blend out using your 217 or E25. We want it diffused, no harsh lines!

Step 8 Mascara or Falsies

Apply your favorite pair of false eyelashes to complete the look, or just mascara your naturals!

Step 9 Lips

I did a nice warm-toned Terracotta lip with this look, in the shade Leo from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Of course, since I am a Leo I had to get this, and it’s warm toned which I LOVE so it was made for me! Of course, Jeffree Star has the best liquid lipsticks on the market, they are creamy, have the ability to be layered without crumbling and are really pigmented! If you haven’t tried JSC you need to!

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