10 Accessories that Your Closet Cannot Survive Without!

Believe it or not, there are certain accessories that every woman needs in her wardrobe. Here’s 10 must-have items that every woman needs to survive.

1. A Wristlet: This accessory is the most flexible because it is small. Find something that expresses who you are, but can still go with anything you wear. After all – if you’re going to be using this every single day, make sure it’s something that will always accent your outfit.

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Our top editors give you the stories, recommendations and honest reviews you need and want - delivered right to your inbox.

2. A Black Blazer: This is your “go to” business attire, so make sure that it is always clean and ironed, with every stitch in place.

3. Lipstick: Have a shade that is unique to your skin tone, suits your individual personality, and is ideal for your lip shape.

4. Flats. These should be flat shoes that can go with any outfit, formal or casual. Black, red or off-white are ideal colors because they can go with virtually anything you wear, no matter what the style.

5. Black Opaque Tights: While most hosiery is optional in today’s culture, here’s 2 reasons why women need them: cold weather, and job interviews. You can wear whatever you want in the cold with tights, and regardless of what you may think, not wearing tights on an interview is seen as unprofessional.

6. A Gold Watch: This is a strong accessory that picks the women out from the girls, provided it fits your frame. Rose gold or classic gold are the perfect accent for any outfit.

7. A Signature Piece: Big rings, pearl necklaces, or even stud earrings can not only accent what you’re wearing for the day, but help you stand out! Having a signature piece brings out your own flare and individuality.

8. An Umbrella: Always be prepared for rain! Having a simple, solid color, or tasteful design that doesn’t look like you took it from your 7 year-old sister.

9. Closed Toe Pumps: Black is a must, because it goes with everything! You can dress up, or dress down any outfit with a simple pair of sexy black pumps.

10. A Belt: It’s always important to have an accessory to add the perfect finish to every outfit. Find a neutral colored belt that is good for your body shape; one that doesn’t accentuate the wrong features of your waistline, and isn’t uncomfortable when sitting.

If you don’t have these accessories, get ‘em! Chances are, you’re going to find that you need them a lot more than you think!


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