When you want to raise your self-confidence and X factor, all you have to do is take care of yourself, emphasize your feminine image and present yourself in the best possible way by choosing clothes that emphasize your femininity!

And finally, how to wear them so that they remain clothes that emphasize femininity and not provocative clothing choices that do not make you elegant and feminine in any way? We will see these immediately!

1- Backless dress

For no particular reason, we choose to start the presentation of the list of 10 clothes that emphasize femininity, referring to the backless dresses.

Backless Dress


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Zipper Backless Dress


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You can wear a backless dress with heels, without necessarily having the highest heel. In any case, it is necessary not to be completely “uncovered”, but to allow the skin of your back to be visible. Pay attention to the bra you choose with this dress.


Leggings For Everyone

It fits every look, every hour of the day and night, as long as it is properly combined. The leggings are extremely comfortable and cozy, something that does not prevent them from being clothes that emphasize femininity and that you will do well to integrate in your wardrobe.


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For casual and morning hours, you can combine them with sports shoes or sneakers, simple sports t-shirts and sports jackets or leather jackets. For morning hours on occasions such as the office or afternoon hours, leggings go well with long shirts. For your evening outings, a very good choice is the black leather or even the leather burgundy leggings along with high heels.

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3-Wrap Dress

The dresses created by Diane von Furstenberg and that suit every woman and every body type are the so-called wrap dresses, or cruises. They highlight the waist and the torso, camouflage the circumference if it is not well-shaped or if it is overweight, creating a generally very balanced image that wants the female body to look more like the shape of an hourglass.

Red Polka Dots Wrap Dress


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Classy Wrap dress


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4. Clothes with lace

Lace is the most romantic and versatile material, which can make your look from girly to highly revealing. And this is a point that you need to consider when buying dresses, blouses, skirts, etc. that have lace. The important thing is to choose clothes that emphasize femininity. This, however, does not necessarily mean it will be as revealing as possible!

Lacy Dress


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Mesh and lace Dress


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Dresses with lace details are great for your evening looks with intense makeup either on your eyes or lips and with delicate heels. The lighter colors are a very sweet and elegant choice for formal morning appearances, e.g. for baptisms when the weather is good. Lace in morning everyday clothes are a bit scary.

5. Tight dress

A tight dress has the ability to favorably emphasize all your graces! Applies to the female body, highlighting the beautiful curves. Every woman should have and wear a very tight dress here and there, as long as, of course, she feels comfortable with it. Why; because it raises a lot of confidence and this is something we all more or less want.

Sexy Tight Dress


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Chic Metallic Tight Dress


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If you have buns on your belly and thighs, a corset that covers these areas is essential to make your body look more uniform and well-shaped. For evening outings, tight dresses are very sexy and easy to combine.

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6. High-waisted pants

In addition to being one of the top fashion trends for a few years now, high-waisted pants are undoubtedly clothes that emphasize femininity and that we should all have and wear often. They are comfortable clothes, they cover any extra kilos and buns in the area of ​​the abdomen, waist, legs and buttocks, while at the same time they sculpt these areas more beautifully. They highlight the waist, a point that in itself makes these clothes extremely feminine. In addition, high-waisted pants make the legs look longer and the abdomen flatter, so we all need some!

High waisted trouser


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7. Pencil skirt

The pencil skirt is the one that starts from a high point, usually covers the whole abdomen and reaches somewhere in the stomach, beautifully embraces the periphery and thighs and ends at a point close to the knee, so it is midi.

Pencil skirt


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The most feminine skirt of your wardrobe that is worn throughout the day, as long as it is combined properly. In fact, a pencil skirt is great for formal appearances such as a theatrical premiere, a christening, a wedding and more. In any case, these skirts match heels only! As for the upper part of your clothing, if you have a flat stomach you can dare a very crop top, otherwise a fitted t-shirt that will fit through the skirt.

8. Mini dress

Okay, words are useless here! It is not possible to talk about clothes that emphasize femininity and not to mention the mini dresses, that is, the dresses that end either a little or much above the knee, leaving the female legs uncovered.

Ruffled Mini Skirt


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In the morning it is best to wear them with sneakers, casual boots below the knee or ankle boots, making sure the upper part is covered. The make-up should also move in natural tones.

In the evening they match with high heels, sandals for the summer, and knee boots for the winter. An intense lipstick or intensely painted eyes and you will be the ultimate female!

9. Crop top

The short t-shirts or sweaters that reveal the point of the belly emphasize the female waist in the best way. There is no doubt that crop tops suit you if you have a flat belly. Otherwise, you need a little more attention to the rest of the outfit and especially to the bottom, so that you have a beautiful visual result.

Elegant White Crop Top


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In any case, the crop tops are worn from the morning until the most formal events, as long as they are combined with the corresponding accessories, shoes and bags, as well as the appropriate make-up.

10. Dress with a deep slit

Dresses that are maxi or midi and have one or two large slits on the side are certainly clothes that emphasize femininity. When it comes to morning shows, it is a bit difficult to balance for a woman who does not know much about style and fashion, so we do not recommend them.

Side Slit Skirt


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For the evening, however, a maxi dress with one or two deep openings, with curly hair if the dress is quite closed and in the upper part, with intense make-up and of course, heels that have high and thin heels are among the most charming, elegant and sexy options that you have in order to catch the eye and get a lot of compliments!

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