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Getting up in the morning can certainly be a difficult process for many individuals. In order to look fantastic, many people put a great deal of time into picking out an outfit, a hairstyle, and a makeup look– all before even having some morning coffee. Styling your hair overnight, however, can help you catch a few more winks of sleep.

With that in mind, here are ten easy overnight styles:

  1. Braids: If you put your hair into a three-strand braid while it is damp and leave it in overnight, you should wake up with some very pretty waves. Increase or decrease the number of braids depending on how large you want the waves to be. If you want more defined waves, braid your hair tightly. If you would like beachy waves, try looser braids.
  2. Curly Waves: This is for that curly, wavy textured hair. In order to achieve this, section your hair off into as many sections you deem necessary. Then simply twist the hair into buns and pin atop your head. Depending on how many and how tightly you make the buns will effect the look. This also depends on the length, texture and amount of hair you have.
  3. Bouncy Curls: Putting socks in your hair may sound crazy, but this technique works very well if you want easy loose curls. Start by sectioning off your hair. Wrap each section of hair around the middle of the sock. Wrap each section all the way to the scalp if you want your curls to start at the root, or wrap only some of your hair around the sock if you want your curls to start a little lower. Once you get to your stopping point, tie the two ends of the sock together. This can be done on dry or damp hair.
  4. Wavy Hair Everywhere: French braiding your hair is one of the best ways to get easy waves. French braid your hair before bed. Add more braids if you want your waves to be tighter. Once you get up in the morning, you may want to apply some oil or serum to your hair. Sleeping in tight french braids tends to make the hair slightly frizzy.
  5. T-Shirt Curls: For this method, you will need a t-shirt. Twist the t-shirt until it forms a ring and tie off the ends with an elastic. Separate and section out chunks of hair. Place the ring atop your head and start by wrapping your hair. Continue wrapping your hair all around the ring until you are finished. In the morning you should have loose but beautiful curls.
  6. Twisty Waves: Start by sectioning your hair in two. Then, split these larger sections into two smaller sections. Twist each smaller section together. When you are finished, pin the twisted hair to your scalp. This should give you a “milkmaid braid” look. In the morning, simply unpin and untwist your hair.
  7. Tight Curls: Straws can be used to achieve very tight, small curls. Simply wrap small portions of hair around each straw. You can decide if you want the curls facing towards or away from your face. Then, bobby pin the ends of the hair to the straw. Tie the ends of the straw together, or bobby pin the straw down. In the morning, take out all the bobby pins and straws. You should have some very twisty curls going on.
  8. Big Bun Curls: First, brush your hair thoroughly. Then, gather your hair into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Depending on how much hair you have, you might need a “hair donut” in order to achieve a large bun. If you have longer hair, split your hair into two sections. Simply twist the sections and then pin them atop your head. If you have shorter hair, simply twist and pin in a bun shape as best you can. If you have a “hair donut,” you can wrap the hair around the doughnut instead of itself. Then in the morning, unpin and go.
  9. Mermaid Braid: This is more of a second-day style. Start with a french braid from the day before. When you get up, you’ll probably look a bit disheveled. No worries! Simply pull softly on pieces of the braid to increase its volume. This gives you a very bohemian type of look, yet it is still very whimsical.

All of these hairstyles work best on damp hair. Wet hair usually does not perform extremely well, because there is not enough aeration in order to fully dry the hair. Therefore, the hair ends up hanging limply and not holding the style very well. Damp hair has just enough moisture for the dry in a specific shape. None of these styles have to be done overnight. You can put your hair up for a couple hours and see how it works. Make sure to keep in mind your hair length, thickness, and texture when deciding how to do a style.

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Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons

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