Croatia has over 1,200 islands with a coastline of 5,700 km. Because of this, there are (also) countless opportunities for those traveling with family and young children. Here we have assembled 10 good reasons to travel to Croatia in the spring.

Croatia….. Summer Paradise

Young people who love to party, those who are cost-conscious, who want to get away with the cheapest, smartest holiday, and those looking for luxury holidays to find the best place in Croatia.

1. The Most Beautiful Sea, Beaches and Islands
Sun…. Sand And Beaches

The Adriatic Sea, which washes the Croatian coast, is considered one of the most beautiful, not only in Europe. These are definitely enough reasons to travel to Croatia. Turquoise blue, golden sand or small pebbles, rock-protected small bays and long strips of beaches. Views of mountain ranges and pine forests, rocky and vegetated islands and islets – all of this is the Croatian coast. Among the beaches, one of the most beautiful is Zlatni Rat (Czech Golden Horn) on the island of Brac. It is really a sandy corner, which changes its appearance thanks to sea currents. The beach is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Right in the center of Dubrovnik lies the beach Banje, with clear water and beautiful views of the historic city and the island of Lokrum.

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2- A Country With A Rich Culture
Land of Rich Culture

Croatia is a country with a history dating back to the Stone Age. Here you will find monuments to the time when the territory of today’s Croatia was inhabited by the Greeks and part of the Roman Empire. Preserved evidence of this era is, for example, Diocletian’s Palace in Split or the Roman amphitheater in Pula (Arena). The arrival of Christians is again documented by the early Byzantine Basilica of Euphrasius in Poreč. The huge number of monuments throughout the country also illustrates the rich history of the Middle Ages. When Venetian, Hungarian, Byzantine and later influences alternated here. These include, for example, the historic center of Trogir with the Cathedral of St. Lawrence or old Dubrovnik with massive walls from the 10th century. The Prince’s Palace, the Dominican Monastery, the Sponza Palace, the Onofrio’s Fountain and other monuments are worth visiting when you travel to Croatia.

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3- Gastronomy
Heaven For Foodies

The whole Balkan peninsula eats – and makes – super food, anyway. In Croatia, however, the gastronomy is rising, with Italian influences. Adriatic fish taking the Balkan tradition and making it almost unrecognizable.

A Walk down the street….

Croatian pastitsada, for example, is made with beef marinated in vinegar and then cooked in wine and served with handmade gnocchi. Handmade pasta plays an important part in the Croatian cuisine. Excellent and timeless is also the black risotto, usually with squid or cuttlefish ink. As well as anything you find on the menu to have the word peka next to it, so, it is cooked on embers in a pan-like dish.

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4- Zagreb

You will not find more European Balkans than the Croatian capital on your travel to Croatia. Zagreb is simultaneously steeped in history and alive as a campus, with an eye-catching old town, full of medieval cathedrals, thousand-year-old towers and flea markets.

Zagreb…… walking and exploring adventure

On the other hand, the Lower Town is flooded with modern cafés and exquisite examples of Austro-Hungarian architecture, on the one hand, socialist on the other (do not make the mistake of calling it “Soviet”, they will look at you wrong, here as in Belgrade).

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5- Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik…..lot to discover

The baroque architecture of its buildings, the cobbled streets, the medieval squares, the imposing walls and the Adriatic. That always shimmers somewhere in the background, making King’s Landing (for the fans of Game of Thrones) one of the most beautiful and popular destinations in the Balkans. This, of course, translates into the stingiest prices in the entire country, but if you strategically avoid the high season of July-August, you will succeed.

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6- This Earthly Paradise Called Plitvice
Plitvice…… Earthly Paradise

A designated National Park, Plitvice is two lakes from Zagreb and is a spectacular complex of 16 lakes spread over different levels, surrounded by fairytale forests. Mini waterfalls fall from natural dams, while the perfectly marked paths that run through the park is a paradise for hikers. This Park is a must visit destination for your travel to Croatia.

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7- Has Awesome Summer Festivals
Rhythm and Music…..

Croatia is famous for its open-air festivals during the summer, led by the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, which spreads to almost the entire city and fills it with rhythm and music from July to August. Internationally renowned names like Tom Jones take part and offer an unforgettable experience. Love International Festival is also the definition of summer fun, with frantic parties, famous DJs and events to say “Ibiza is blind!”

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8- Holiday At A Reasonable Price
Croatia…… Economical and Whimsical

Croatia offers a great opportunity to spend a perfect holiday at reasonable prices. This makes it very possible to travel to Croatia. Of course, you will also find super-luxury hotels and services of the highest quality. But also many quality offers at prices available to families with children, students and seniors. Private accommodation, small hotels, guesthouses, camps and classic hotels of all categories – everyone can choose. The offer of restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars is similarly wide. You can shop in luxury boutiques and market stalls. The price / performance ratio has long made Croatia one of the most attractive holiday destinations in Europe.

Croatia Vacation Packages

9- Croatian Wellness Centers

Discover the best of natural resources, long-standing tradition and great infrastructure—that’s what Croatia’s health and wellness.

Croatia… for Wellness

The country is naturally and geographically predestined for it. Croatia has been a well-known health destination for many centuries. That is because of its education, expertise and experience. Again, a very valid reason to travel to Croatia.

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10- In The Footsteps Of The Cult Series Game Of Thrones

The American television series from the HBO, Game of Thrones, was also partially filmed in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Every year, this city with amazing medieval monuments attracts tens of thousands of tourists, not only from us, but from all over the world, who are looking for places known on the TV screen. Whether or not you saw the series, Dubrovnik is definitely worth a visit.


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