10 Lessons You Learn in a Bar Bathroom

Almost everyone, usually 21 and over, have had their share of a great time at a bar and has experienced or seen things that they do not necessarily forget. both the lousy and the wonderful. The bar bathroom gives you plenty to see or feel from the time you are waiting on line, to when you are in the stall, to when you are, hopefully, washing your hands, and then once you walk out. What factors in is that, when you are out at bars for the night, you will likely use the bathroom several times, especially if you’ve been drinking. Whether it be at a dive bar, sports bar, karaoke bar, gay bar, wine bar, or even hotel bar, each bar potentially teaches you something about life, while you may not have even noticed. Here are 10 things you learn from your time at a bar’s bathroom:

1. What songs you actually really enjoy.
Let’s say you are in the bathroom and you hear the DJ or band playing a song. If you do not care to do all your business at top speed to get out there to finish hearing the song, then you don’t really like it as much as you thought you did. However, if you are rushing to pull your underwear back up and don’t even bother to take a second look in the mirror, then…well, then you know the deal.

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2. You’ve never found sanitary practices more important.
Usually bar bathrooms make you want to wash your hands as thoroughly as necessary. Not only that, but you hope everyone follows in your footsteps, which they all won’t. Face it, where there’s been heavy drinking, there will be less hand washing.

2. Drunk stranger girls are the nicest.
They compliment you and you compliment them back; drunk girls you don’t even know often make your night, and you wish you could become friends to have their positive energy around you always.

3. Networking can happen anywhere.
You can’t help but exchange at least a few words with someone while on the bathroom line. Often this may lead to a job interview, a friendship or a date. All in all, you learn to take advantage of the line for the bathroom that you usually despise.

4. Avoiding puddles.
You know that puddles don’t always have to be water and if you are sober enough, you will try your best to not step in them.

5. Squatting is important for many reasons.
Sure, squatting is a great exercise, but it also serves as practice for other purposes. Case in point, squatting while urinating is especially essential while using a bar’s bathroom; you do not want to sit on that toilet seat.

6. Never take your balance and stability for granted.
One of the hardest things to do on a night out drinking is to use the bathroom. If you didn’t feel the effects of the alcohol before, you certainly noticed it while trying to use the bathroom.

7. There is no specific time and place for sex.
When people want each other, nothing usually stops them. You’ve likely seen two disoriented and happy people step out of a stall together- or you may have even been one of them.

8. Drunk people are poetic and visually artistic.
You’ve read and viewed some of the work on the walls of the bathroom, and while some brought you laughter, some also actually caused you to think deeply.

9. You will “never” drink that much.
Seeing the effects of over drinking on other people in the bathroom makes you wish you never go through that. If you’ve experienced a night when you felt like you may pass out in the bathroom, or if it actually happened, you’ve likely promised yourself that you will never drink that much again.

10. Meaning of true friendship.
The bar bathroom is another place you’ve profoundly bonded with your friends. Whether you’ve helped them or they’ve helped you pull hair away from your face while regurgitating, if there was advice given on how to talk to the attractive person by the bar, or if there was a tough experience that caused tears, your friends have been there for you and you for them. You usually don’t forget these moments, or you hold on to at least a vague memory of them.

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    • Bobby
    • August 5, 2015
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    #2, drunk stranger girls are literally so nice hahahha it’s so true! we gotta stick together!

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