Pants are a comfortable piece in our wardrobe. It can get us out of many difficult situations in choosing clothes, in many kinds of circumstances. Of course, we always consider her fabric and the rest of our outfit.

There are 10 ways to wear a pair of pants. Get your ideas, do tests in your mirror, do market research if you deem it necessary and renew!

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Our top editors give you the stories, recommendations and honest reviews you need and want - delivered right to your inbox.

1) Timeless black pants in a different total black outfit

A pair of black pants can be the passé partout, we say. Like a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt and a navy shirt. You can match it with a black t-shirt, to create a total black look, comfortable and easily matched. It is an excellent solution from morning to afternoon if you want to have a safe look, casual, almost athletic. The fabric of the pants combined with the fact that it is worn with sneakers contributes to the latter.

2) White pants, black bag, black sandals, black off-the-shoulder top

A less comfortable compared to the previous look, but not to set up or inconvenient. A pair of black sandals, which do not need to be very high heels, a beautiful black bag of medium size. Along with a black long-sleeved T-shirt or not with their shoulders falling, and of course, these wonderful white pants.

A complete outfit, ideal for many occasions, with the security promised by the black and white combination. A way to wear white pants, which you might even avoid!

3) With a lace shirt and a straight shoe

Remaining in comfortable choices, we see loose pants, high waist, which leaves part of the abdomen uncovered. The shirt ties nicely in front, forming a very elegant and sexy look, without being provocative or inappropriate for certain hours. Combine with ballerinas or other flat shoes, e.g. a pair of white or black sneakers or flip-flops.
We believe it is a beautiful image and a complete outfit that will easily suit many women and girls.

4) Cropped pants in a loose line with a blouse in a loose line

For the office, the afternoon walk, a walk for shopping or coffee, this outfit is just what you need! It comprises a pair of pants loose in a thin and cool fabric, which leaves the ankle exposed at least. From a top in an also loose line, with the shoulders and arms beautifully stressed. Neutral heels enhance the look.

But if you are going to walk a lot, you can move in a straight shoe. The look allows it.

5) High- waisted baggy pants with a fitted top inside

Another option that you have with no doubt is the high-waisted pants which are not tight and sticky at the point of the abdomen and the so-called “life jacket”. When the weather is better, you can move in zip briefs with short-sleeved T-shirts inside them or with crop top short-sleeves if your stomach is flatter. While all year round, you can choose pants and trousers that tie high in the abdomen (i.e. in the stomach). And they are more abundant either along their entire length or definitely at the top.

6) Classic blue pants with minimal blouse

Both for your neat outings and for the office, navy loose pants with a minimal top are highly acceptable. They create a look simple, elegant, charming and imposing. The fabrics, the colors, or the related elements of the clothes do not overshadow you, since everything is mitigated. And thus allow your personality and beauty to be seen and distinguished!

7) Boho floral pants with platforms

A look cool, comfortable, fresh, cheerful and hippie. It can in no way be a classic in the negative sense. As it can never bore, boring, trivial. However, certainly tasteful and shows a woman or girl modern, modern, fresh, with a beautiful mood and pleasant taste. The image can give you a lot more information and we think it is worth copying it!

8) Loose striped pants with a hat for the most chic look

A wide pant in striped shades is also a pass piece in the women’s wardrobe. It can be worn in all seasons and, if combined properly, on all occasions. Prefer the safe choice of loose black pants with delicate white stripes that are vertical. Verticals give height!

Combining such an outfit with a beautiful hat, as in the picture, you will have the perfect chic and casual look for spring and summer!

9) Light colored pants with black shirt and sandals

Wear simple pants, not too fitted, not too wide, maxi with simple and comfortable sandals, and with the classic black shirt that most of us have in our closet, worn from the inside, of course.

10) Bell pants with satin strappy top

Bell high-waisted trousers, which embrace the belly and highlight the silhouette. Match with a strappy top in satin or related fabric through it. Perfect for an evening out with a careful make-up and hair held high. In fact, if you move to shades like those in the photo, could not this outfit be worn if you were invited to a formal event? Could! Of course, the hairstyle and the glasses would not fit so well because they are more relaxed and everyday.

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