11 Things Men Don’t Really Care About

Ladiesplease take these 11 suggestions and consider them. It might make you a little less frazzled when it comes to the minds of men.

1.) Your nail color/ if they’re chipped

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Our top editors give you the stories, recommendations and honest reviews you need and want - delivered right to your inbox.

Mulling over a color to impress a date is a colossal waste of time, even if it does make girls feel pretty. Likewise, getting upset over a little chip is fairly pathetic.

2.) Your friend drama

Unless something truly unbelievable happened, he won’t care. To be honest only about .001% of daily “drama” is sufficient enough to get his attention.

3.) Hair stubble/ minor body hair

Stubble happens to humans after shaving, it’s ok, and the chances that he’ll notice are miniscule. The chances that he’ll care once he does notice are even smaller. He simply does not care. In fact, many guys prefer some hair in the nether regions. And full bush is hot, reminiscent of a 70s porn star.

5.) When and what you eat

Women have become so conscious about what they eat that they have a hard time accepting that no one else cares, at all. Perhaps friends will notice when a woman is constantly stuffing her face, but aside from that when and what a woman eats is disregarded by everyone but herself and perhaps her nutritionist.

Via Photospin
Via Photospin

6.) Unsexy panties

Women dread when laundry day rolls around and all that’s left are unsexy granny panties. Well the good news is that men do not care. They come off momentarily after he sees them anyway. Sometimes they may even like changing it up with some variation.

7.) Hair length

Unless a haircut is really appalling, men don’t care. If a girl’s pretty, she’s pretty regardless of how long her hair is. They appreciate long mermaid hair just as much as they appreciate a short, mod cut.

8.) No make-up

Men don’t get make-up. Even more so than you would believe. Therefore, they cannot tell what type of make-up a woman is wearing, and often whether she’s wearing make-up at all.

Via Photospin
Via Photospin

9.) Sweat

Women always try to hide that they sweat. They are embarrassed about looking greasy and the smells associated with it. On the contrary, men barely notice it. And if you’re doing something to work up the sweat, men find that sexy.

10.) Shoes

..So long as the girl’s not tripping in them, because then that’s just a hassle. There is no way he will notice what shoes she chooses to wear, he rarely thinks about his own footwear decisions.

11.) A little tummy weight

This may feel like the end of the world for a woman. However besides the fact that most of her girlfriends don’t notice it, it is even less often that an interested male will. In the case that a man does notice, and is not a complete psycho, then there’s no chance that he’ll mind or find her any less appealing.


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