11 Things to Stop Worrying About Right Now

You worry about a great deal of things that you either have no control over or that are small worries and not problems. Consider how much time you put into thinking about these circumstances and the things you could have done in place of stressing over small details that you can’t even change or that you shouldn’t even bother to try to change. The reality of this world is that even if you put half the time you usually spend pondering about certain aspects of your days it wouldn’t make much of a difference -so try to cut down the attention you to these details. To assist in the process, here are a few things you should worry less about right now.

1.Calories in your pizza.
You know you enjoyed the pizza -that meal was delicious. You may regret the calories but every once in a while the pleasures of such carb loaded foods are just necessary -don’t apologize for what makes you feel good inside. Needless to say, there are tons of fitness and diet experts that agree on the occasional splurge -hence, pizza is never a bad idea.

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Our top editors give you the stories, recommendations and honest reviews you need and want - delivered right to your inbox.

Pizza2.What you said last night.
Were you drunk? Were you just in the moment and said somethings you think you shouldn’t have? Well, what’s said is said and face it, in the moment you probably meant it. Although you may be able to apologize, elaborate or excuse your words you definitely cannot take them back even as much as you would hope -so leave the words out there and move along.

3. Whether or not he will text back.
You tried, you texted and are now waiting for what seems like forever for him to text back. If you showed your interest and he isn’t returning the favor by replying perhaps there are tons of excuses or perhaps he just doesn’t want to. Any reasoning for him not texting back is no reason to sit and think of the millions of scenarios as to why that is so.

4.Tomorrow is not now so why worry even if you’ll have a ton of work stuff to deal with. Chances are this is not the first time you’ve gone through such amount of things to do on the job and somehow you survived the last time. Thinking about all the to-do list for tomorrow will only make the stress worse.

5. The money you have to spend on the bridesmaid dress.
Okay, so the bridesmaid dress isn’t exactly your style and is a little more than you would have liked to cough up for the occasion but you’ve already accepted being a bridesmaid and you can likely still afford the dress. Stop complaining to yourself about the dress and realize the reason you are doing this is because the bride is special to you and you are doing this for her.

6. Having to wake up early tomorrow.
You’ll do what you have to do. Just set the alarm -as many as you must- and leave it at that. Worrying about having to wake up early tomorrow will do nothing more than just add on a burden and probably prevent you from falling asleep.Wake up

7. Yesterday’s interview.
You can dissect the interview all you want but you can’t go back and do it over. What you can do is learn how to make your next interview better. If this job was meant to be for you after yesterday’s interview, then it will be.

8. Crying in front of someone.
Crying is natural so why be embarrassed. Everyone has done it and you are just showing your emotions. If you can’t help but cry don’t worry about what others think -besides you can always make up a story or ignore questions if you don’t want to explain.

9. Getting your hair wet.
Do not let you hair prevent you from enjoying a day among the rain, at the beach or in a pool. More often than not you can redo your hair but you certainly cannot redo the day you are in.

10. How long it’s been since your last date.
All singles go through a dating drought. There’s no point in feeling sorry for yourself, instead see how you can put yourself out there to meet new people.

11. If he noticed the extra pound, the scar or anything on your bare body.
If you are worried about him seeing you naked, trust that he is just happy to have you naked in front of him -the extra, pound, the scars, the uneven breast sizes mean nothing to him.

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