11th Annual P.S. Arts Bag Lunch Raises Money for Charity


The 11th Annual P.S. Arts event Bag Lunch has raised over $150,000 that went to help arts education.

According to Psarts.org, they are “the only organization in Southern and Central California that provides yearlong arts education.”

Under this organization the Bag Lunch event was founded by George Kotsiopoulos and Elizabeth Stewart. “We discussed how purses and bags would be such a great way to raise money because everyone loves a great bag and is always willing to pay for one,” explains Kostiopoulos on Psarts.org.

They made a goal to ask one designer for one bag once a year, seeing this as an achievable goal. “And we knew the fashion world loves to support arts for children,” said Stewart. This year the fund raiser auctioned off more than 200 bags, from all different brands and designers, and all of the money made goes to P.S. Arts.

To have been able to attend the charity this year, would have cost you $275, but for people going to bid on designer purses, that kind of money couldn’t have been a huge deal. The admission price is added to the money earned off the auctions.

While there are auctions for these coveted bags, they also have a “buy it now,” which requires a person to pay more, but guarantees that they get the purse instead of having to hope to be able to outbid someone.

Since the first event held, they have managed to raise over $1.5 million for charity.

Kostiopoulos spoke about their fundraiser’s contribution saying, “It is a responsibility of parents as well as the community to make sure all of our children have access to resources they need to be well-rounded citizens. I feel lucky to be part of that.”

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