11 Unbelievable Sex Myths… Who even thought of number 8???


We have all heard them, read them or been told and at one point or another we believed it. We have lived our lives based on these myths that someone made up one day, and suddenly it caught on like a wild fire. Well here is a list of sex myths that are completely untrue. Now lets see how fast this truth spreads. Ummm, I  certainly doubt if it could any faster than a turtle.   Let’s delve right into them:

  1. Men enjoy sex more than women
    Women want and enjoy sex just as much as men do! Men are not the only ones benefitting from the sexual experience.

  1. You can judge the size of a man’s package by the size of his feet
    I’m sure we’ve all heard this one. Unfortunately ladies and gentlemen this is not an accurate form of measurement, so stop checking out his feet!

  1. Masturbation causes blindness
    I’m sure a lot of guys and girl would be happy to hear this! Keep it up;  your eyes will be fine!

  1. You can get pregnant from kissing
    Uh, No you can’t. No other explanation required!

  1. You can catch an STD from the toilet
    Public toilets are gross, but STD’s are not what you should be concerned about!

  1. Aphrodisiacs Boost Your Sex Drive
    It’s all in the mind. Not a single food or drug has ever been shown to have any sort of positive effect on a person’s sex drive according to the FDA.

  1. It is possible to break a penis
    Those things are pretty resilient, so don’t worry yourself! Work it, ride it, with no mercy.

  1. Green M&M’s make you horny
    I’m loving the chocolate. I’ll have to try few more. Who comes up with this stuff and why green?

  1. Hot tubs can prevent pregnancy
    Nope, hot tubs are not birth control or spermicidal. Sorry!

  1. Drinking Mountain Dew decreases your sperm count
    I’m sure many guys have heard this, and many women have spread this rumor. Not only Mountain Dew I’ve heard, but also the colorful soda from the bodega. It’s all false!

  1. Blue balls can be fatal
    Guys you hear that? It’s not fatal, you’ll be perfectly fine!

So keep having safe, monogamous sex. And spread facts, not myths to help people make wiser decisions in a world filled with enough lies! But wait, which of these myths make your favorite? You may have other myths to share, comment and we may sum them all up for our next round of Unbelievable SEX myths.

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