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The sun is a source of life; it is a healer, beneficial for the human body. But the more life-giving it is, the more dangerous it can become. And that is why all doctors warn! This is where the importance of sunscreen comes. Here we have assembled 12 best Sunscreen for you.

The sun is always and everywhere. We are not only in danger when we swim, do water sports or sunbathe. We are in danger even when we are just walking on the street in the city, even when we are driving. And it is definitely not only harmful during the summer months, but all year round, even on cloudy and rainy days. Yes, you need sun protection in winter too!

In ideal conditions, your sunscreen should not be treated as a seasonal product, nor as an additional beauty accessory. But as a daily obligation for the health of your skin! Your sunscreen should be part of your daily skin care routine if you want to safely enjoy the benefits of the sun.

What do I Pay Attention to When Choosing a Sunscreen?

The most important thing in choosing the right sunscreen is the type of our skin, as this determines the protection index (Sun Protection factor – SPF) of the sunscreen that we will choose. The protection index is categorized into 4 levels: low (6-10), moderate (15, 20 & 25), high (30 or 50) and very high protection (50+) and concerns the effective protection of our skin from UVA rays (radiation that handles skin aging and UVB (radiation that penetrates our skin and is because of tanning and burns).

Types of Face Sunscreens


In the market, you will find a wide range of sunscreens for various parts of our body, such as face sunscreen, eye sunscreen, body sunscreen and even hair, but also in various forms (sunscreens, sprays, oils, lotions, sticks and liquid form). There is definitely a product that will meet your needs, and your skin type in whatever category you belong to.

Continue reading below and see the products we recommend depending on your skin.

Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin



La Roche-Posay Anthelios SHAKA is a suntan lotion for the face which “sensitively” protects SPF 50. It does not smell, stick, is well absorbed and also takes care of intolerant skin. Really great sunscreen for sensitive skin. Just be careful, it’s very liquid.

Matifying Sunscreen for Oily Skin



“Oil free” composition offers Heliocare 360°, a sunscreen for the face with SPF 50, which regulates the formation of sebum. Thanks to green tea extracts and vitamins C and E, it monitors free radicals, and Fern block FC technology protects cellular skin DNA. Plus, it’s waterproof!

Moisturising Sunscreen for Dry Skin



Hydration and sun protection are available for dry skin Biotherm Fluide Solaire, which, thanks to its SPF 15, is more suitable only for the city, but will please you it can significantly extend the life of the tan.

Anti Aging Sunscreen Against Wrinkles



Because the sun speeds up, skin aging, Collistar Sun Protection is also suitable as the best sunscreen for the face with the first wrinkles. It has SPF 30, prevents the formation of wrinkles, but also unwanted uneven pigmentation, which is often a problem during sunbathing. It won’t be anymore!

Sunscreen for Pigment Spots and Scars



Speaking of pigmentation… if pigment spots or scars affect you on your face, you need Bioderma Photoderm Laser sunscreen. Thanks to the patented Cellular Bioprotection technology, it really responsibly protects, hydrates, soothes and softens the skin!

Toning Sunscreen for Acne





Skin gets problematic in summer. For sunbathing, you need something simple, non-comedones, something like… Avène Cleanance Solaire, which you can also be used for the entire body. And if you would like something for tanning, then the Lancaster 365 Compact with Tan Activator Complex, which prolongs the tan. Melatonin production in the skin in up to a month! And there are three shades available…

Universal Sunscreen for all Skin Types



Cream Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense For Face has a long life, resists swimming pools and seawater. It spreads well, smells pleasant, moisturizes the skin, but does not burden and, as one of the few tanners, it has a long consumption time after opening. So if you have left over after the first vacation, nothing happens…

For Face And Body

Nivea Sun Protect & Moisture Spray SPF20, Sunscreen Moisturising Spray for Face & Body




Our well-known and beloved Nivea is coming for another summer with its sunscreen to protect us from both uva and uvb radiation, while offering deep hydration that lasts and reducing the risk of allergies caused by the sun. It leaves no white stains on the swimsuit and is water resistant. The spf20 index is suitable for those who want to get the desired tan.

Nuxe Promo Melting Anti Age Spray High Protection SPF 50, Sun & Anti-Aging Spray & Melting Anti Age Creme High Protection SPF 50 Sun & Anti-Aging Cream




Carob seeds help activate the natural tanning process. Hyacinth water keeps the skin constantly hydrated, and Kau Pe blossom protects against irritation. Nuxe sunscreen has been loved in recent years by people. It leaves a wonderful feeling on the skin while also having a unique fragrance.

Nuxe sunscreen is easy to apply, leaves no traces, does not stick and “embraces” the skin while activating the natural tan. Its rich composition in antioxidants protects the skin from photo, strengthening the mechanism of regeneration of its cells.

Caudalie Milky Sun Spray SPF 50 Sunscreen For Face & Body




Caudalie sunscreen can be used on the face and body, leaving a gentle touch on the skin without sticking. Enriched with the soothing water of organic grapes, it has mostly biodegradable components that do not burden the ecosystem. In addition, the Milky Sun Spray, besides the protection it provides, gives a uniform and bright tan.

Bioderma Photoderm Max Brume Invisible Sun Mist SPF 50 + Face & Body Spray




Bioderma Brume promises high protection and ease of use. A transparent sunscreen for face and body, suitable for all skin types. It is absorbed immediately and is an ideal choice for those who exercise. It activates the skin’s natural defenses, protects against the risk of cell damage, and acts against premature photo aging thanks to the patent Cellular Bio protection.

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