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If you’re hanging out with a guy and can’t stop thinking about him, you may be getting more serious about him. Here are 12 signs that you are really starting to like someone.

1.You set up dates.
What’s the point in waiting for him to ask you about the next time you are free? You realize you want to see him, so you no longer care and make the initial move. The simple text, “hey, what are you doing tomorrow?” goes a long way and shows that you are interested. Plus, now you aren’t even thinking twice about it before sending.

2.You suggest activities.
You want to make sure the both of you have a good time, so you start seeking out things to do that you can enjoy together. Even while seeing fun things on your walk home, you imagine doing that with them. Your ideas linger more toward his likeliness, so he may be a tad impressed; you buy tickets to the game even though your team isn’t playing, but his is.

3. You don’t play the waiting game for texts.
Sure, he just texted and the last few times you texted back right away and he waited at least 10 minutes. Now, your texting pattern and interval method is not even considered, you’re just interested in talking to him.

4. You want to speak on the phone.
Texting is your main source of communication with anyone, and you only speak on the phone with the credit card rep or your mom on occasion. Now, you just want to hear his voice when you are not with him, so you no longer mind a call, whereas, before you’d stare at your phone in slight astonishment anytime a guy would call you.

5. You enjoy the pauses.
Pauses are no longer awkward for you, and you know that’s a good sign. Neither of you have to be speaking in order for you to feel comfortable.

6. You only ponder waiting for sex if it’s to make sure he knows you actually like him.
This one is if you’ve been able to hold out on the sex so far. You want him to think of you as more than just another girl he slept with. Once you feel you are sure, you know you want to jump into bed ASAP.

7. You want him to see your great personality.
Of course, you want to look great and you want him to think of you as both physically sexy and beautiful, but you also want him to think of you as beautiful on the inside. You want this person to find you intriguing, funny and as being a woman with an amazing personality.

8. Little things remind you of him.
A show he mentioned he enjoyed, the song he is obsessed with and all other factors that you’ve seen him revel in make you think of him, and maybe even makes you smile. Your mind has now connected the object or idea to this person, and you don’t mind it one bit.

9. You think twice before going on dates with other people.
You don’t know if you are exclusive and you don’t know whether this person is seeing someone else themselves, but you think twice, or several times, whether you should agree to go on a date with that guy who asked for your number at the bar. While you weren’t even sure whether to give your number to the bar guy, even though he was cute and nice, you for some reason did and now he is texting you. Nonetheless, you can’t get the guy you’ve been seeing and talking to out of your head and you’d rather be with him than with bar guy.

10. You let them hog the remote.
This says a lot. You are letting him watch his Netflix show while you so eagerly want to watch the new episode of “Pretty Little Liars” which is on at the moment. His show is boring, but you know how much he likes it, so you sit there for a bit. This passivity will mull over soon but for now, this is all new and you just really like him.

11. You give food ideas.
You do not want him to get irritated by never having an answer to the “what do you want to eat” question, so you occasionally decide to think of something yourself -only occasionally.

12. You kind of want your friends to meet him.
You need to get your friends’ opinion, not from what they hear from your date stories, but from interacting with him themselves. This is important, you really want them to like him -a major clue that you are really into this one.

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