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It might be challenging to feel good about yourself when you are shy. People think you’re odd, uncool, or foolish. Introverts are more sensitive to the words, ideas, and opinions of others. However, if you want to become confident and charming, you must let go. Accept it and keep moving forward! How do you go about this? Here are several practices that can help a shy person become charming and confident.

1. Cultivate a zero care mentality by realizing that you only have ONE LIFE.

Keep in mind that you only have ONE LIFE. You will die, and you don’t know when, so GO FOR IT! Yes, you will make a mistake. You will fall flat on your face. Yes, you will resemble a clown. WHERE DO I START? Failure is only a stepping stone to achievement and an opportunity for you to alter your course. Feel the fear, but do it anyway!

Make it a habit to keep going ahead. NO MATTER WHAT, and you will become the self-assured and charming individual who will not allow setbacks or hurdles to prevent them from achieving their goals.

2. Emphasize the positivity, kick out negativity

Shy people dwell on the bad. Stop thinking of:

He’s giving me a strange look. I must appear strange to him!

She is scowling. I must have irritated her!

What if I seem like a complete jerk and do not know what to say?

As difficult as it may be, focus on the beneficial aspects of every circumstance and carry yourself with a cheerful attitude. Maintain constant eye contact and smiles with the people you deal with.

When confronted with a difficult circumstance, remain calm, breathe deeply, and express yourself fully.

Stand tall and straight, shoulders back and chest out. Note how you are dressed as well. When others notice how nicely you dress, it offers you an instant confidence boost.

If someone gives you a hard time or is rude to you, realize you do not know what is going on. They may have had a horrible day or a strenuous life. They might have recently gone through a painful breakup or lost their job. You do not know, and you should not be concerned about it. Maintain your calm and avoid becoming enraged. Thank the individual for their time. You don’t need the stress or negativity.

3. Practice, practice, and more practice

Confidence is a learned talent. You can only grow better by regularly putting it into practice, just like any other talent. One of the most effective methods is to do something that terrifies you every day. Put yourself under challenging circumstances regularly to test yourself. Don’t panic or flee. Face it head-on and give it your all.

You discover that the position you are in is not all that frightening and that you have more than enough skill to manage it with elegance and aplomb.

For example, set a goal of talking to one stranger for 5 minutes every day. Practice making small chats and establishing rapport. After a month of practicing this, you will be more confident and pleasant, with the confidence to chat with anyone.

Your confidence will improve all aspects of your life, including your work, relationships, and professional interactions.

However, it takes time and effort to master.

4. Remind yourself that others aren’t aware of your shyness.

You notice how shy you are more than anyone else because everyone is concerned with how they appear. Remind yourself that no one else is paying attention to it because no one is judging you.

For example, if you believe you are doing something embarrassing, people are far more tolerant and accepting than you realize because everyone makes mistakes.

 5. Experiment with new things

Getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things will help you gain confidence. For example, challenging yourself to do activities you wouldn’t usually do may seem difficult at first but will become easier.

 6. Wear clothes that make you happy.

Look for clothing that complements your style because being concerned with your appearance will make you feel better about yourself. People around you will notice when you are happy with what you are wearing, which will help boost your self-esteem.

 7. Exercise

Working out has been shown in studies to help improve self-esteem, so try working out regularly; it may be beneficial. Exercising can improve your mood and self-esteem.

 8. Accept compliments.

When you aren’t confident in yourself, it’s easy to dismiss compliments. However, these compliments show that those around you are noticing you. Instead, have a moment to thank them and accept their criticism of you.

9. Handle your emotions

Be at ease with fear; you may believe that self-assured people are never afraid, but this is not true because fear shows you are on the verge of maturing. Be patient with yourself as you become more comfortable because gaining self-confidence does not happen overnight.

10. Concentrate on your hobbies and interests

People are more likely to open up when they spend time with peers who share their interests, so get involved and focus on your interests to meet new people. It will help you feel a lot more natural in conversations, which will also help your self-esteem.

 11. Constructive self-talk

Instead of telling yourself something negative, self-doubt, or thinking about social situations going wrong, talk to yourself and make yourself feel better. Create affirmations to help you maintain a positive attitude and boost your confidence.

 12. Positive Attitude

Recognize your negative thoughts, such as “I can’t do that, I’ll fail,” because your inner voice is pessimistic and unhelpful, which may prevent you from feeling confident.

13. Set goals and be willing to take risks.

People frequently set unrealistic or unattainable goals, only to become overwhelmed by the challenge and embrace the unknown. Stop doubting yourself and embarking on recent adventures.

For example, whether you’re traveling to a new country with friends or letting your cousin set you up on a date, making a habit of embracing the unknown can help you become more comfortable in your skin and feel in control of your destiny. 

Once you discover you can succeed even when you didn’t expect it, your confidence will skyrocket.

 14. Help others

Being kind to others around you and making a positive difference in other people’s lives will boost your confidence, because the act of helping others will also benefit you. You don’t have to help someone in your neighborhood to reap the benefits of helping others. 

Sitting around and hoping for it will not get you any closer to being a confident, charming person. Get out there and make yourself uncomfortable!

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