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There are certain makeup mistakes you should avoid to get flawless results. Undoubtedly, makeup has become an important part of almost every woman’s life. It takes a lot of practice and experiments to be a pro at doing makeup. Although, there are overflowing of inspirations on the internet as James Charles, Jeffree Star, and many more names.

Here are some makeup mistakes you should avoid to get better with your makeup skills.

Applying Foundation on Dry Skin

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This is one of the major makeup mistakes you should avoid. Some women don’t feel the need to apply moisturizer on their skin before makeup. As a result, they end up having flaky skin and their foundation cracks. So you must moisturize your skin before applying makeup. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin or a combination of skin moisturizer should be your priority.

Mismatch Foundation Shade

Makeup mistakes you should avoid
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You may have seen many women try out foundation shade on their hands, which is absolutely wrong. Selecting the correct foundation shade has become very easy-breezy as many brands are showing up with many shade ranges. When buying a foundation for your skin, try to match it with your jawline or even neck. This will surely give you an accurate shade and you won’t look bizarre at any gathering.

Over Layered Concealer

Makeup mistakes you should avoid

There has always been a debate on what to put first, foundation or concealer? For me, go for a foundation first and then concealer. The major mistake we do while applying concealer is we put a lot at once. What does it do? It makes you look older. The best way to hide dark circles is to add a little concealer and blend it out. After that, add a second layer if you feel you need more coverage. One more important thing, don’t forget to set your under eyes with a powder after concealer. This will not let your under eyes crease out.

Outward Lip Liner Blending

Makeup mistakes to avoid
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Unblended lip liner, which forms a visible ring around the rims of your lips, is one of the most unsightly cosmetic blunders. This traced effect, which is most commonly employed on purpose in clown makeup, is unpleasant and gives your lips an artificial and uneven appearance.

To avoid making this cosmetic error, don’t merely draw around the corners of your lips with your lip liner. Instead, draw a thicker line of lip liner around your lips that continues inward into the center of your lips, virtually covering the entire surface of your lips. Then, mix the liner in until it is equally spread throughout the whole lip, not just around the corners.

This method will not only help you avoid the traced-on lip liner appearance, but it will also help your lip product last longer.

Overdone Eyebrows

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Eyebrows’ trends in the past differed from now. Before, very thin eyebrows were preferred and now thick brows are into fashion. The vital mistake women do is they overdo their eyebrows. Don’t take a lot of brows pomade at once. Otherwise, you will mess up with your brows. Try to apply the pigment from the middle of the brows to fill in them and make them look thicker.

Bronzer all over the Face

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Okay, so the bronzer is not meant to be applied all over the place. It should only be used on your cheekbone, the top of the forehead and the jawline. The purpose of the bronzer is to be applied at the points where the sun will actually hit your skin. I hope I made it way too clear for you all.

Over Lining Your Lip

Over-lining your lips a little is not a bad idea, but when you overdo it, it looks fake or unnatural. Try to be precise with your lip line so that you don’t mess it up. I know everyone wants Kylie Jenner lip pout, but babe, that’s the work of the fillers.

Over Defining Your Natural Lip Line

There are many ways to make your lips appear more prominent and plumper, but overdrawing your natural lip line with a lip pencil is not one of them. For a fuller pout, use contrasting colors.

To create the appearance of more giant lips, use a little darker lip liner to define the bow and centre of the bottom lip, then blend it with a lighter shade liner.

Mascara on a Coat That Has Already Dried

Makeup mistakes to avoid
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Reapplying mascara over a previously dried coat is a no-no. It causes your lashes to clump and cling together, giving you the appearance of spider lashes. These cosmetic blunders may ruin your entire appearance. It is preferable to remove the dried layer of mascara and add two or three coats of mascara to your lashes while they are still wet.

Wrong Primer

Slathering foundation over cracked and dry skin may be disastrous since it will make your skin seem flaky rather than blend with it.
Exfoliate your skin thoroughly before applying makeup to remove flakiness, and then follow with a thick and moisturizing moisturizer. Smoother skin offers a more even application and last appearance.

Applying Blush

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Blending is an important skill to master since unblended makeup appears unnatural and unappealing. Don’t grin when you apply blush on your cheekbones. As a result, when your cheeks return to normal, the blush color appears lower on your face and closer to your lips. Using blush on the bottom half of your cheeks may make your face appear hollow and overdone. To blend the blush precisely, use a contouring brush.

Natural Lips with Lipstick

We’re all guilty of retouching our appearance with a few swipes of lipstick after lunch or a coffee break. However, this is one of the most common makeup errors.
If you want your lip color to last and not dry out your lips, dab a little primer or foundation into them before applying the lip color. This will keep your lips looking soft and glossy all day.

Using Dirty Makeup Brushes

Using dirty makeup brushes is dangerous. Facebook Images

Bacteria can accumulate on your brushes because of makeup leftovers if they are not cleaned regularly. When you use dirty brushes on your skin, they can block your pores and cause breakouts and rashes. Cleaning your makeup brushes every other week with lukewarm water and shampoo is suggested.

Makeup Looks from Yesterday

Makeup Looks from Yesterday
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To maintain healthy and radiant skin, wash your face every night. Not washing off your makeup may be highly damaging to your skin since the pores cannot breathe and may become blocked.

Don’t give up if you frequently suffer irritation due to minor cosmetic blunders you make throughout your regular beauty regimen. Use the ideas in this post to avoid common makeup errors before they happen.

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