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Makeup contributes to elevating self-confidence. However, make-up artists are aware of a lot of mistakes that women make. If only they could share this information with clients before working on their faces.

Use More Concealer Than Foundation

Makeup artists always apply concealer first, then foundation. This way, they can work on areas where you need extra coverage more effectively. On the other hand, applying foundation first will only result in a thicker base later on and won’t let them correct problem spots like blemishes. They also suggest not putting on too many layers of this, especially if it’s liquid or cream-based, because it’ll be hard to blend properly once they’ve covered a lot up with their brushes or sponges.

Stay Away From Cream Foundations

Not all makeup artists are against cream foundations but most find that it’s really hard for them to match your skin tone when they’ve applied a really thick layer. Aside from that, it’s usually tricky to work with creams because some will go on streaky and patchy. As an alternative, they suggest trying out water-based foundations instead which are lighter in texture.

Don’t Wear Your Foundation Too Light or Too Dark

Both the undertone of your skin and how much coverage you need should be considered by your makeup artist when choosing a foundation shade for you. To know if a certain brand is suitable for you, test it out first before going in for full application. If the color looks too light once blended into your face, they may suggest going one shade darker if possible since this can easily be adjusted during application anyway. When wearing a foundation that’s too dark for your skin, they suggest using a lighter shade of concealer to even things out.

Moisturize Your Skin Beforehand

If you have oily skin and will be getting an airbrushed foundation applied on top of it, you might feel concerned about the end result in terms of how shiny it may end up looking. To ensure that this won’t happen, make sure to moisturize your entire face before having the makeup artist come at you with their brush or sponges, especially right after taking a shower that morning! You don’t want your pores clogged either, so this is extra important.

Don’t Use Too Much Product If you’ve Got a New Makeup Addiction

Chances are that you will want to put on their products as soon as possible, but it’s best to stick with the basics of what they recommend and take things slow if you need some time to adjust. It could take weeks before you get the hang of applying their brand of cosmetics, which may or may not be different from others you’re used to using. Every product has its own set of instructions for how to use them correctly, so make sure not to go overboard until you do figure out your routine.

Choose Your Lipstick Wisely

“When you have light skin like mine (and even most other makeup artists) and you’re using a brighter lipstick, it’s most flattering to bring out the color of your eyes.” This is something that professional makeup artists have been saying for years. An easy way to start off with this trick is by applying eye shadow in colors directly next to your lipstick shade before going on your usual routine. Not only will you be bringing attention to a feature you want people to see, but it’ll also make lips look like they’re popping out more against any contrasting eye shadows.

Mind your Inspiration

When looking up for makeup, do not expect an end result by comparing your complexion to someone else’s. Rather, mimic the kind of looks that you see all around you, whether on social media or in magazines. Compare their work to your own style and personal taste instead, not the makeup itself.”

Rubbing Alcohol: Good for More Than Just Making Things Dryer

Rubbing alcohol is a great alternative for those who are not fond of the chemicals in aerosols. It helps to set makeup, especially pencil liners and gel-like products. It is like an extra spray of finishing products in a sense. You can even try other types of alcohol such as vodka if you are willing to spend a bit more money on this technique.”

Eyelash Curler Alternative

Use your fingers to curl your lashes instead. If possible, rest the eyeshadow brush against your lash line and use that as leverage while using both hands to squeeze. This will help with getting those top-most lashes without having to worry about crimping them too much.”

There’s a Right way to Apply Lip Liner

A beauty technician’s favorite method for applying lipstick? She prefers to use a lip brush, but she also does not clean it after each lipstick application. “I like using paintbrushes, I never buy those expensive real makeup brushes because they are crap, I use the cheap kind from the craft store and usually end up tossing them once they dry out.”She says,”I don’t clean my brush either or my hands when I switch shades. I will just wipe off any product that gets on the outside of the tube with a tissue paper or cotton pad. And then I continue on if there is still more product left in the tube.”

Go Natural!

If you have a makeup artist who is struggling to create the eye look that you want, tell her to just go natural. “Go simple and natural! I get so many people asking me for dramatic looks, and then they don’t like it when I do my own thing. Don’t ask me for something if you aren’t willing to let me do my thing.”

Not All Makeup Is Big-Brand Quality

“I have seen countless women use products that are not necessarily bad, but just don’t live up to their expectations. The problem is that the makeup artist told them they were better quality than they actually are. If you want good quality products, and especially if you are paying a hefty price for them, ask questions to make sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for.”

Not Every Makeup Artist Can Do What You Want Them To…

“I will always give a client what they want because it’s their face. I can’t fix the client, only myself, so you have to do your research before coming in for services. I cannot create miracles and don’t offer refunds.”

Or What You Want Them To Do At All…

“We really try to be as helpful as possible, but sometimes we’re just trying to get you out of there faster after a long day! Sometimes less is more when picking a look for yourself and if that doesn’t work then go home and figure it out.”

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