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Women’s dresses are timeless pieces in our wardrobe. There are different types of women’s dresses, each with a different purpose. In this article we provide a lot of information regarding which dress suits every occasion; what style each one gives; which body type may fit more and so on.

All kinds of women’s dresses, however, can get us out of the difficult position when we do not know what to combine with what. Or when we just do not have the mood for pants and T-shirts. They are undoubtedly the most feminine clothes that a woman can choose, always adapted to her style, occasion and personal taste.

Let’s go, now, to see some (specifically 14 in number) of the types of women’s dresses, how and when to choose them!

1) Floral dresses of different types…



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One of the must have clothes, which are firmly in the preferences of women and fashion trends, are the women’s floral dresses. Airy or fitted, mini, midi or maxi, short sleeves, with straps or off-the-shoulders, in two colors or with more colors. All of them are definitely welcome for the three of the four seasons of the year (we go out in the winter but with a reservation). Also, depending on their length and pattern, they can potentially be worn from morning to night; from the most casual to the most formal occasion.

2) Animal print dresses: easy solution when we do not want to pay attention to many other elements in our outfit…


Animal Print Dress


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Animal prints have been firmly established in recent years within the top fashion trends, while they are widely loved by many women. They are “hit” in the eye, but this does not mean they are excessive or overloaded. Instead, they can be discreet and elegant.

They are offered in medium length, where they can be combined with both ankle boots and over-the-knee boots for cold days and nights. And with sandals or sandals for spring and summer looks.

3) The ultimate black dress that always fit….



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A black dress can be worn literally 24 hours a day, in any occasion. In the morning with sneakers, ankle boots or sandals; but in the afternoon can be worn with a medium and comfortable heel, mid-heeled boots, flat forms or platforms; in the evening with a sexy pair of high heels or sandals with thin heels or high-heeled over-the-heels knee boots.

4) Cruise dresses: they hide the belly, emphasize the waist, the bust and the buttocks…

ECOWISH-Womens Bohemian dress


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The dresses created by Diane von Furstenberg. They suit every woman and every body type. We are talking about the so-called wrap dresses , or cruises. They highlight the waist and the torso. And camouflage the periphery if it is not well-formed or overweight. It creates a generally very balanced image that wants the female body to look more like the shape of an hourglass.

5) Fitted rip dresses, suitable for everyday life…



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A dress made of rip fabric automatically has a more casual character, without losing its elegance. Such a dress fits a glove on the body, emphasizing the female silhouette, so it is definitely a sexy piece.

Do not worry about its length, if it is mini! It is mini to let your beautiful legs look where and when. But its fabric and the fact that it is fully closed at the top (if you choose one like the one pictured), calm down its sexy character. That is, it is not intensely provocative or inappropriate for morning hours.

6) Body con Evening Dress



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The most common and beautiful in their appearance are the very fitted dresses that have short or medium length and long sleeves. Therefore, it means they are more suitable for autumn and winter. They match incredibly with a pair of delicate heels or over-the-knee boots. With hair held back and up or back and low or glued back. And with a beautiful glowing pair of earrings. Intense make-up either on the lips or in the eyes and we are ready for the sexiest and well-groomed night out!

7) A-line dresses; timeless value in our wardrobe…


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These dresses camouflage the buns in the abdomen area and on the side. In fact, they hide a not so well-formed pope, or do not erase the back during the “difficult days”.

You can move in such everyday dresses, with calm accessories, hair loosely held up or left down. And flat shoes or shoes with thick heels. For your evening outings, combine an A-line dress that reaches either above or below the knee. Along with a nice little bag, slim heels or good summer platforms.

8) Pleated dresses (usually fitted on top): full elegant 24 hours a day….



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Pleated dresses have come to life in fashion trends in recent seasons. By choosing them, therefore, the first thing we gain is style and knowledge of fashion.

A second positive is that they artificially hide the buns in the belly, at the bottom or on the sides. They hide any plump calves and booties, which for any reason you do not want to be deleted. Not to mention how airy and comfortable they are.

9) Mini dresses for bolder looks…



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One length in skirts and dresses is the mini. That is, the short. We do not want to say in any case at what ages, body types and bodies fit more or less. According to us, any woman and girl, who wants to show her legs, to cool off on hot days, to show off her sexy side, can choose a mini dress.

Our only advice is to pay attention to the rest of the balance so that you do not become too provocative for no reason.

10) Midi dresses that sculpt the body….




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These are the ones that are about knee-length. They sculpt the body exceptionally, highlighting the curves and giving the coveted hourglass shape. It gathers the buns in the thighs, if they are pencils, and the fat in the belly.

Cotton and simple midi dresses go well with sneakers or, for the most daring and modern women, with ankle boots.

11) Maxi dresses for a sense of security and elegance…



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If there is one thing that should not be missing from the women’s wardrobe, it is a maxi dress.

Do you have a period? If they are loose, they do not reveal anything you do not want. Isn’t the hair removal on your feet recent? There is no problem if you choose a long dress that has no tears. Do you prefer not to show your legs and possibly emphasize your torso, arms, back? A backless or off-the-shoulder maxi dress is the solution.

12) Backless dresses, mainly maxi , that highlight femininity discreetly….

Sexy backless dress


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What we mention in the title above is the most important advantage of this particular type of women’s clothing: it is discreet and not provocatively feminine. They highlight our elegance, charm, style. Summer is even more impressive with the summer tan!

13) One -shoulder dresses for special looks…

One Shoulder Dress


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One shoulder alone gives style and elegance to t-shirts, swimsuits, dresses, bikinis. While at the same time they have extra support compared to the respective clothes and swimsuits that are without any sleeves (strapless).

You can buy a mini or midi monochrome fitted dress with one shoulder for your winter and autumn walks. And a maxi one-shoulder dress, fitted to the torso, loose at the bottom, for summer and spring.

14) Off-the -shoulder dresses for elegant looks…


Off Shoulder Dress


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The list of 14 types of women’s dresses is closed by off-the-shoulders. They differ from strapless in that the former have sleeves, they just fall below the shoulders, in the middle of the arms. This is what makes them very elegant and seductive, sexy as well as chic and not at all provocative.

Look for different types of such dresses to properly enrich your wardrobe. They are excellent pieces that will definitely give you solutions in a variety of occasions.

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