Patio Ideas

A patio is a perfect place to spend time with friends and family. That very reason is why you should give it a touch of personalization and go all out, making it comfortable and stylish.

Look at these 15 ideas below, pick your favorite or decide by combining two or more ideas. The principal thing is that you enjoy every moment spent on your own patio. Enjoy!

1 Lighten-Up with Lanterns

Lantern | Pinterest

Lanterns are perfect for creating a cool and cozy atmosphere, which is why it is an ideal idea for your patio. Hang them wherever you want to create the desired effect. Moreover, lanterns add a touch of romance to your patio. They also have a way of making your home feel more welcoming.

2 Dress Up Your Outdoor Couch

Couch | Pinterest

Having an outdoor couch is a great idea. If you enjoy spending time outdoors. The only problem is the appearance of your couch. To make it look more appealing and inviting, simply add some pillows and drapes to it. You can also place a throw across the back of it to provide extra comfort and warmth on chilly days/nights.

3 Add some color by Using Cushions

Cushions | Pinterest

Cushions are a perfect way to personalize any space that needs a little love and attention. A cushion set will instantly transform your patio into your own oasis in no time at all. With so many patterns, designs, and colors available on the market, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be tempted to give your patio a fresh look.

4 Add Large Potted Plants Such as Ficus Trees for Shade

Large Pots | Pinterest

Having shade on hot days is absolute bliss, which is why this year you should invest in large potted plants such as Ficus trees, if you want to enjoy some much-needed shade. Not only do they provide you with all the shade and relaxation that you need, but they also add a touch of green and freshness to your outdoor space.

5 Try Out This Year’s Colors & Patterns

Colorful Patio | Pinterest

This year has seen an abundance of color options available on the market for both walls and furniture. If you haven’t already done so, this year it’s time to experiment with these colors and patterns in your outdoor space. You can either create a patchwork effect by using the same pattern, but different colors, or you could opt for two contrasting options. A touch of color will do wonders for any outdoor space.

6 Hanging A Hammock Is An Easy Fix for Relaxation

Hammock | Pinterest

You can’t go wrong with adding a hanging hammock to your patio this year, it’s guaranteed to be an instant hit among family and friends alike. It’s also perfect if you enjoy taking mid-afternoon naps on warm days/nights, since they are so soothing and relaxing. Plus, they help you escape the noise of city life so that you can relax better than ever before!

7 Make Your Own Fire Pit

Fire Pit | Pinterest

Fire pits are the perfect addition to your patio, not only because they provide warmth on chilly nights, but they also create a cozy atmosphere that encourages people to stick around. Making your own fire pit is easy and cheap. You simply need two bricks (or pieces of concrete) and surround them with rocks for extra support.

8 Add an Overhead Fan

Overhead Fan | Pinterest

Having an overhead fan in your outdoor space is beneficial for several reasons. It will enhance the ventilation that will help prevent mold growth and excessive heat buildup, which can be dangerous if anybody is suffering from breathing problems, such as asthma. This year, don’t think twice about adding one!

9 Deck Out Your Outdoor Coffee Table

Coffee Table | Pinterest

Outdoor coffee tables are perfect for entertaining or, if you enjoy hosting family dinners on warm summer nights. This year, deck them out with bright pillows and towels so that they don’t look overly harsh when paired with your outdoor furniture. For a more modern approach, look at the selection of coffee tables available on the market this year to find something suitable for both you and your patio space.

10 Use A Timber Outdoor Fireplace

Timber Fireplace | Pinterest

Adding an outdoor fireplace to your patio is guaranteed to be a show-topper this year. Not only will it provide you with all the warmth that you need during chilly nights, but it also creates an attractive focal point for your outdoor space, which family and friends are sure to love!

11 Make Your Own Mini-Garden of Flowers & Herbs

Mini Garden | Pinterest

If you enjoy cooking, then why not in some potted herbs which can be found in most supermarkets? Potted herbs are both fun and easy to plant, so if the idea of tending to a garden sounds too complicated for your taste, then this is definitely an option worth exploring. Another fun addition is potted flowers that can brighten up any outdoor space within minutes!

12 Go for High-Top Bar Table & Chairs

High-Top Bar Table and Chairs | Pinterest

With the amount of outdoor furniture available on the market this year, there is no reason you shouldn’t choose high-top bar table and chairs. They are perfect for eating or even just having a drink with friends as they give off a laid-back vibe that’ll have your guests feeling right at home from the moment they step out onto your patio!

13 Line Your Patio With A Brick Border

Brick Border | Pinterest

For an efficient outdoor space, line your patio with a brick border to create an effective outdoor space that will provide additional seating elements whenever necessary. This is great if you enjoy entertaining throughout spring/summer since it gives you flexibility when arranging furniture for all those surprise events! Plus, having a border around your patio is perfect for preventing weeds from growing and dirt from spilling over onto the floor.

14 Use Wooden Slats On Your Patio Flooring

Wooden Slats | Pinterest

Adding wooden slats to your outdoor space will not only help prevent moisture buildup, but it will also create a natural look that family and friends are sure to appreciate! They’re pretty cheap too, so they won’t break the bank. Just be sure that you take into consideration the activities which you plan on doing before embarking on such a DIY project as there are certain precautions that should always be taken into account when laying wood/slates down onto an outdoor area.

15 Pick Out Some Folding Chairs

Folding Chairs | Pinterest

Folding chairs are perfect for when you want to have an outdoor party, but the only space that you have available is on your patio. This year, pick out some folding chairs that match your unique sense of style so that all eyes are drawn towards them as soon as people step onto your patio! This isn’t just great if you’re hosting a party, since it gives everybody plenty of room to move around and chat once they’ve arrived.

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