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Virtual meetings have been the trend for a while now. With the pandemic still hovering, virtual meetings will have more demand in the future as well. With more people working from home, the trend is to work online. This led to the rise of virtual meetings. If you have to attend a lot of these, it helps to dress up. You can either walk around your home in just a t-shirt, jeans, or slacks, but there is something about dressing smartly that makes you appear eager and focused on work. Plus, when doing video calls, you want to see other people’s facial expressions; you don’t want them getting distracted by what you’re wearing (or not wearing).

What tops are appropriate for virtual meetings? Here are some stylish alternatives:

1 The Shirt Dress

Shirt Dress | Pinterest

This is what most of us will go for because we are comfortable with this look and feel professional wearing it. Plus if you choose,  you can wear a solid color, pinstripe, or even themed collars.

2 The Trouser Top

The Trouser Top | Pinterest

This is excellent for those who want something more than just a simple top but don’t want to go as extreme as skirts. It’s almost like wearing a shirt and pants at the same time.

The Blazer

The Blazer | Pinterest

If you’re lucky enough to have this piece in your closet, then you cannot go wrong by wearing it when calling customers over video chat. Just make sure that you don’t forget to remove your collar stays.

4 The Cardigan

The Cardigan | Pinterest

If you would like to look dressier than your usual, yet still not break conventions, then don’t forget about cardigans. Add a floral print as the embellishment for extra points!

5 The Blouse

The Blouse | Pinterest

You can never go wrong for wearing blouses during video conferences because they are easy to mix and match. Choose from floral prints, or what we like to call Ferris wheels if you’re aiming for something more playful. Let’s just say that if the customer feels as if they have fun playing with different parts of the blouses, then you won’t be looking unprofessional.

6 The Trench Coat

Now that’s something you wouldn’t expect to see, right? We bet many people would look at this picture and think “oh what a stylish approach” because we are pretty sure not everyone would opt for such a long piece. Again, it all boils down to being able to pair the Trench coat together with other clothes so that it doesn’t look like you’re wearing just one thing. And if they do, ask about why you’re wearing trench coats during meetings. Well, there goes your defense for wearing the long coat.

7 Embroidered Sleeve Blouse

Embroidered Sleeve Blouse | Pinterest

This elegant top offers an attire full of flatter. The embroidery on the sleeves makes it look really classy and gives an appearance of a dress. You can wear this piece for formal meetings and don’t worry about what to pair with your top. This white shirt will do just fine.

8 Cashmere T-shirt

Cashmere T-shirt – Pinterest

With eye-popping color, this top is a sure-fire way to be eye-catching and make heads turn. The cotton is Cashmere, which is smooth, warm, and comfortable wear. Wear this t-shirt with a classic pair of trousers for your next video call.

9 Fur Vests

Fur Vests | Pinterest

In order to style for all seasons, fur vests are idealistic formal wear that can also be worn casually on weekends. These vests come in a variety of colors, so you will find one that will compliment your style. Wear your vest over simple tops and colored pants or skirts; for wearing these styles, don’t overdress them as simple pieces like jeans look great when paired with a fur vest.

10 Tie Front Top

The Front Tie Knot | Pinterest

You have a professional-looking appearance when you wear this top because it is a combination of formal and casual styles. For instance, there are t-shirts that have a front tie option like this one, which can be worn for video calls or in meetings during conferences.

11 Light Tank Tops

Light Tank Top | Pinterest

Tank tops are among the most popular apparel pieces to include in your spring wardrobe accessories because they are easy to put on, comfortable and stylish at the same time. Wear them under sweaters as undershirts or over your camisole and opaque pants for video calls.

12 Chambray Shirt

Chambray- | Pinterest

One of the most popular winter fashion staples you can consider for your upcoming video calls is the Chambray shirt. It gives you an unusual look because it’s a formal piece worn over casual pants like wide-leg jeans or leggings, and that makes all the difference.

13 Gauze Top

Gauze Top | Pinterest

Gauze is one of the most versatile fabrics you can think of when choosing tops for video calls. It’s lightweight, airy, and very comfortable to wear in summer, especially with a pair of turquoise pants.

14 Lace Top


Lace tops come in various styles and colors, so there’s bound to be at least one that will match your current wardrobe accessories and the outfit you have in mind for your next virtual meeting. But keep in mind that lace tops are not recommended being worn underneath a jacket or blazer, as they can look tacky and awkward.

15 Classic Button-Down Shirt

Classic Button-down Shirt | Pinterest

A classic button-down shirt with a pair of wide-leg pants is something most women can rock easily even when they’re miles away from their workplace. It’s a great way to look professional without comforting up. You may also wear one with some skinny pants to add more sophistication and classiness to your overall style.

16 Jacket over Tee

Jacket over Tee | Pinterest

Tees are great staples because you can easily wear them with just about anything, pants, skirts, shorts, you name it! One of the easiest ways to add some professionalism is to wear one over a blazer.

17 Oversized Blouse

Oversized Blouse | Pinterest

Oversized blouses are in vogue today, so try them on if you haven’t done it already. They’re great for a laid-back but still stylish look, especially when worn with denim shorts or pants. If you want something more office-appropriate, pair your oversized shirt with some skinny pants and heels.

18 Utility Shirt

Utility Shirt | Pinterest

A utility shirt — usually made of cotton canvas or denim — is just what it sounds like: a shirt that’s designed for utility wear. It has many pockets to hold all your stuff in place, making them perfect for the busy bee who doesn’t want to worry about losing her stuff at work. You can also style them up with a pair of pants and heels for those formal business meetings.

19 Long-Sleeve V Neck

Long Sleeve V-Neck | Pinterest

A v-neck is an absolute must in your closet because it’s a staple top that can be worn for just about anything — from a casual day at work to an evening out with the girls. Stick to colors like black, white, and gray for work so you’re not drawing too much attention (and more face time) away from your presentation or meeting.

20 Off The Shoulder Top

Off-shoulder Top | Pinterest

To complete the look of a one-shoulder top, wear a pair of high-waisted pants along with some stilettos or pumps. You’ll then make this outfit look chic that you can wear it, even during business meetings. If you don’t want to wear heels during this warmer weather, add some ankle-strapped sandals or wedges.

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