3.1 Phillip Lim Men’s RTW Spring 2016 collection is filled with athletic and military slouchy looks as designer Phillip Lim defines what he believes America’s new style has become.

“It’s kind of autobiographical,” Lim told WWD about the collection and calls it the “version of the new America.”

Many tracksuits and utility jackets are found in his collection in navy, burgundy and mustard yellow with striped and paisley patterns.

Before the show Lim describes his sporty collection saying,

“I was playing with the idea of old blue-blood lineage, Ivy League athletic clubs and militia uniforms”

Lim reinvented the suit, making them almost pajama like in a banker striped silk material with oversized jackets and shirts and slouchy pants.

His utility jackets came in the traditional navy blue and white, as well as in a paisley like pattern. Baggy jean capri-pants paired with a white knitted cardigan gave a different, yet cool look. The black netted shorts and jacket pulled over his all white looks made it an interesting appeal to the popular style.

The Philip Lim RTW collection can be described in one word as different and Lim took many chances, but it worked in his favor as it turned out looking non-conventional, new and cool. He surely redefined the “new America”.

Photos by Giovanni Giannon

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