3 Reasons Why The Tanning Bed Is Ruining You


Rumors come and go as how to achieve the perfect tan. Many have asked, “Why does it have to be so complicated?” Well, it just got a lot simpler, so thank the goddesses!

Looks like all that’s needed is a beach towel, some sunscreen and the outdoor sunlight. Here’s why to never put in minutes in the tanning bed:

1. Indoors: At Your Own Risk

The tanning bed may look or seem like the safer choice, but it turns out that it’s actually far more dangerous. David E. Bank, a dermatologist and spokesperson for The Skin Cancer Foundation, said that indoors is more detrimental to the skin due to exposure to a higher concentration of longer wavelength UVA, which affects the body at a deeper level. Women’s Health found that these UVA rays hit the body 12 times more with indoor tanning, and in general, indoor tanning raises the risk for melanoma by 75 percent. That’s not such a comforting statistic.

2. Addicting With A Capital “A”

It’s just as addicting as drugs. The only cure? Stay away from those oven beds. Behavioral scientists discovered that college students who relied on the tanning bed for color felt like they were never quite tan enough, which the researchers named “tanorexia.” They were also more likely to show signs of anxiety and depression when compared with those who did not use the tanning bed, according to Time Magazine. Hmm, that beach chair is starting to sound more comfortable after all.

3. Base Tan? More Like (Base)ically Lying

There is no such thing as a tanning bed giving a “base tan.” No, sorry – still all lies. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that indoor tanning only provides a SPF of three, which is one-fifth of the minimum value that is recommended for sun exposure. Not even close, tanning bed, not even close.

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