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Training your Brain

Tricks are sometimes an essential part of our day, but all for good reasons. As far as the brain is concerned, sharpening your mind to benefit you by training your brain is quite important as food. The brain is one of the vital organs as it controls everything we do. Performing sensible acts, as well as training one’s self, is what you should focus on. When you’ve trained your brain for the worst situations, you will be powerful enough to remind you of your worth even on a terrible day. Hence, tricks for shaping and sharpening your brain become extremely important. 

The 86 billion and trillions of synapses of an otherwise healthy and average person means that your brain cells are extremely advanced and beyond imagination. Hence, this article looks into 3 easy brain tricks that can sharpen your mind even better, making your built-in computer very powerful. 

  • Seeing Behind You
Seeing Behind You | Pexels

Sound shadowing is as popular and famous as echolocation for its close connection. Moreover, this connection lets anyone sense a person, danger, something larger, or a predator’s presence just behind you. This is astounding as you can sense such things behind you even if those (a person or a thing) make no sound at all. 

Alternatively, you can try out a proximity experience to confirm how well your senses work. Have one of your friends sneak behind you without making a sound. Choose a platform as a sandy beach, carpet, or grass for your experiment. This way you will not hear their footsteps or breathing. Then ask that person to walk towards you or approach you from behind. If the experiment ends successfully you would have been able to sense that person’s proximity of their shadow or presence just like that. The conclusion will be drawn upon perceiving it in two parts. This means you will experience a lowering of volume as well as deadening of echoes behind you.

Furthermore, the above two effects will turn out to be more obvious as the person whom you are experimenting with gets closer to you. The phrase, “someone is watching me” is probably due to the extraordinary sensing ability the human brain has. 

Despite this sensing ability comes in the form of sound shadows, it is a great experiment to practice over and over as this will lead to favorable results. Pushing your brain’s ability to sense over and over for a longer period of time will definitely train your brain. Hence this brain trick would contribute to adjusting and altering your brain for higher levels of echolocation. 

  • Memorizing Anything
Memorizing Anything | Pexels

Imagine memorizing a few words as a grasshopper, brush, granola bars, doctor, mine, envelop, spoon, insect, well, and lettuce. It would be normal for you to try and memorize or repeat many times in your head before you could finally achieve to recall the exact match. Despite perfectly memorizing this, you will still have a good chance of forgetting it or remembering a few words in the list a couple of hours later.  In the medical world, cognitive psychologists term this as two effects; primacy and recency. This means that the memory of the beginning of the list and the end of the list interferes with the middle information. 

Moreover, it is our verbal memory that stores arbitrary lists of words that contribute to this interference or complication. This is due to the fact that our verbal memory or the linguistic portion of our brains has a tendency to have limitations on storage. Despite this kind of memory storage, there’s one more type that works better; the visual brain. Our visual brain, however, has the ability to store more information than the verbal brain. Moreover, when you memorize something visually, you will have a higher chance of keeping it memorized in your brain, rather than memorizing in the linguistic brain. That would exactly be the secret to remembering the list of words above. Try experimenting with this and you’ll have the answer for yourselves. 

When you experiment with this brain trick, always remember to convert these words into vivid images when memorizing. Furthermore, you can try visualizing the above list in image form as placements in your house. Try placing each of these images mentally in different locations within your house. For an instance, try converting the word “grasshopper” into a vivid image and then mentally placing it at the welcome mat by the front door. Repeat the same procedure with the rest of the words. When you are done, try recalling the list again. Now compare how you’ve successfully memorized the above list with your visual brain in comparison to the linguistic brain. 

Therefore, you can be sure to memorize anything you want using this brain trick. Keep practicing sharpening your brain. Over time, your visual brain would be sharp enough to work on its own without much struggle. This means your brain would be sharper than a knife as far as memory is concerned. 

  • Navigating in The Dark
Navigate in the Dark | Pexels

Bats are great at using echolocation and hence they navigate in the dark without struggle. By listening to the previously created ultrasonic clicks and chirps, bats find their way back quite easily. Just the same, each of us has an inner bat. Therefore, we have the power within us to echolocate. Get yourself a long metal pole, with a friend to spot you during the experiment. Choose an uncarpeted floor as your experiment area. Try pretending as if you are visually impaired and now tap the stick in front of you. 

If you are trying this for the first time, like most others who have tried this trick,  you will just sense and know as you get close to a wall or bigger objects. You will experience this sensing without knowing how you know.  Hence this is a great example of implicit memory. However, if you pay attention to the clicks of your metal pole on the floor that is quite far from the wall, your brain would notice that the slight echoes from the original clicking contribute to the hollow quality and this immediately sharpens your senses. Practicing this memory trick of navigating in the dark would also let you overcome any fears and let your brain do an extraordinary job. 

Furthermore, this brain trick will allow you to be more practical in life while elevating your gut feeling. 

Exercising your brain by using simple brain tricks as above would be ideal. This will make sure to contribute to improving your memory and its capacity. However, this may require repetitions. These tricks will not only improve memory but improve connectivity between the parts of the brain. Train your brain and enjoy a built-in computer.

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