3 Step Guide in Cultivating Confidence


With an origin from Latin, Confidence means ‘to trust.’ Thus, trusting in oneself and having confidence is an extreme factor that contributes to the well-being of individuals. The feeling of confidence is believing and feeling positive for yourself, and having faith in your capabilities throughout your journey of success. 

Although trust is food for a well-functioning relationship, that’s also fulfilling and safe, it’s also one of the crucial elements in life as people get hurt easily. For an instance, a cheating spouse, or being ridiculed by your boss in public, are two remarkable situations to lose self-confidence and trust. Depending on the situation you were in, sometimes re-building confidence seems almost impossible. 

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Hence, in this article, we look into 3 steps that can support building confidence and feeling yourself again. 

Step 1- Overcoming Obstacles

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Having faced a heartbreak, the greatest obstacle in getting past the betrayal or re-building trust is the lack of willingness to do so. This means a lack of desire to face reality and overcome the situation. 

Those who seek genuine resolution in relation to confidence should ideally be focusing on maintaining an open dialogue. What matters are words and their intent behind them. The definition of trust is different from one individual to another, and then it’s important to ask yourself, “what does it mean to me?” It’s important to first answer this question in order to re-build and re-gain the trust in yourself. By doing so first you will invest in yourself before start expecting from others. Upon being successful, you can then move on to conveying to others how you want them to show their trustworthiness. 

Another major element in trust is effective communication. Communication allows people to understand in depth. Moreover, gestures play a vital role in communicating. These gestures, despite how big or little they are, showcase your dependability. For an instance, keeping promises and helping your dearest in making their life easy is a simple gesture in demonstrating what they mean to you. Everyone needs to feel safe, protected, loved, and respected. These little things contribute heavily to building trust. 

Letting go of mistakes is one way to express your presence during impossible times. For an instance, if you say your partner who betrayed you, “I’m giving you a second chance, but if you mess things up, it’s going to be over”, it will not be a convincing start. Additionally, it will only create more tension and hinder progress. Therefore, instilling confidence in the offending party although it may seem challenging, is one way to overcome obstacles. 

Step 2- Focusing On the Self

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Sometimes it is likely to act disrespectfully and harmfully by both offending and offended parties in the event of an end of a relationship. Sometimes, the blame can even be warranted (sexual assault). When a situation is the case of a concern, it is best not to interact with the perpetrator, for it can cause more harm than healing. Hence, focusing on yourself here is of utmost importance. 

Talking to your own self and questioning yourself here can be more healing and helpful. Focus on your inner barometer and be open to learning from your experiences. This way, you can take measures or do things differently in case of a possible similar scenario. This way, you will walk you through the situation one more time, and find yourself in the clear and feel free. Also, you will figure out some points of your behavior that might have contributed to this negative outcome. This will be a good mental closure and feel more focused on yourself than ever before. You will also be able to handle things better next time facing no corrosions of trust. 

Investing in time to identify your own impression is one significant source of shaping ourselves. Giving much time to ourselves is building individual trust and confidence. This way, you will transform yourself into an emotionally healthy person with mounted confidence to walk you through any situation. Hence, familiarizing ourselves with our own impression is extremely vital for our growth and cultivation of confidence. 

However, self-care is a crucial element to abide by, especially by those whose trust is shattered and breached. And yet, exercising is an ideal way to take a step ahead to establish good mental health. This will help in the release of endorphins, which directly contribute to boosting one’s mood and maintaining a steady brain. Here, you will face betrayal with clarity in mind. 

Finishing On What’s Started


It is important to remember reconciliation is not something that can happen immediately. Healing is healthy, as far as it’s slow. Hence, avoid worrying thoughts or any kind of pressure. A betrayal may cause our brains to shift either to fight-or-flight mode. This makes rational observation quite challenging. Therefore, it is wise to give ourselves time to calm down and avoid trapping ourselves in a defense box. By doing so, it will have favorable effects as letting your mind to collaborate. 

However, if you are the breacher or the offender, it is advisable to approach the other party while remaining patient, to avoid hurting their emotions even more. Remember to remind yourself of the boundaries while approaching. 

Upon approach, you can try to convince them and express your apologies for the pain caused, and assure them you mean it. Delivering a sincere apology and a hope to reconnect can make things better. Sometimes, despite all efforts, re-building trust may not be attained. In such a situation, it is best to give the other party some time. However, your conscience will be in the clear, as you’ve already expressed your apologies to them. In certain cases, it may even be wise to temporarily move on to avoid conditions as depression. 

To conclude, constant efforts to overcoming obstacles, focusing on the self, and staying the course will be regarded wise, as these will eventually lead to cultivating confidence irrespective of the challenges. Playing your part and remaining optimistic will contribute to elevating you to a level of comfort amidst all hurdles you’ve had to go through. Thus, keep making efforts and never give up on cultivating confidence in yourself and in others. 

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