4 Memory Tricks to Keep You Active All Day Long

Memory Tricks

Memory tricks are also life hacks to staying active and keeping sharp throughout the day. Just as brain games contribute to sharpening up the memory, there are a few other extremely simple memory tricks that do wonders. Check out lesser-known tricks that can keep your mind in good shape while also contributing to your overall mental health.

  •       Sitting Tall
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Slumping down is a natural defense position that our bodies try out in situations when we are afraid or sad. These situations make us naturally collapse with body postures that are not healthy for us both physically and mentally. A slouching position during anxious and depressed times may make us feel at comfort, but actually, it signals to our brains that we have accepted defeat. Another drawback of not sitting tall is making it harder to think clearly and remembering things.

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Erect position or sitting tall is hence an extremely important posture that contributes to the positivity of mind. According to an estimate, sitting tall improves the oxygen flow in your brain by about 40%. This means erect position while sitting, especially during needy times. For instance, an exam or a problematic situation, which requires the use of your brain, more will be benefited.

  •       Working Out
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Are you one who keeps forgetting faces? It is quite normal, and most people endure this. According to the University of Iowa, which carried out research about face recognition, stated the following conclusion. The university showed faces of people to older people on two different days after trying out two different exercises. The first exercise involved these people pedaling on a bike at a place where they would find it hard to breathe, but still be able to talk. The second exercise involved them sitting for 20 minutes on a self-pedaling bike.

Amazingly, after these two workouts, the same participants showed a major improvement in recognizing the faces of people. This result was also surprising, as the results were like the results one would gain from following regular exercises for three months. Therefore, this memory trick is undoubtedly one to try out.

  • Limiting Exposure to Television
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It is not a secret increased screen time affects heavily that cognitive development in children. Parents and teachers can contribute to guiding these children, but how can elderly people be handled with increased screen time? To answer this question clearly, the University College of London conducted a long-term study. The study involved over 3500 participants, 50 or older. In the initial assessment, these participants did not show signs of dementia or were never diagnosed with dementia. The study showed that individuals who watch TV for over three and a half hours for a consecutive six years were very prone to experience a massive drop in verbal memory test scores.

Also, in another study, it was revealed that watching violent programs and visuals on TV for a longer period could impair memory as it elevates the stress hormones. Hence, limiting exposure to television can save you from many memory-related issues.

  •       Walking Backwards
Memory Tricks
Credits: Pixabay Images

It’s strange, but true. The experts say not to think twice while walking backward when you are finding it hard to recall things. It’s is such an efficient memory trick and strategy to recall. Backward motion; real, imagined, or watched shapes up your memory by making it sharper. Backward motion is much (effective) than sitting still or tall, according to experiments, and undoubtedly better than forwarding motion. Moving backward helps people get back when they learned or gathered a particular experience. This will help people remember things better, and it exercises the brain. 

Thus, trying out the above easy memory tricks along with a healthy diet can get you to stay active and sharp.

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