4 Tips For Successful Hair Straightening


Everyone wishes for the kind of hair they don’t have, and curly haired women often want a break from their spirally locks. Thank goodness for straighteners though, because these magic wands work wonders for hair. Follow these 4 simple steps for an easy and rewarding straightening process!

1. Shampoo & Conditioner: The Right Kind 

This whole process begins with the hair products that are used while in the shower. Make sure to use shampoo and conditioner that formulate smooth, straight hair. Preparing those locks for the intense heat is preferable, and using gentle hair products prior will cause less subsequent damage.

2. Protectant, Please!

It’s similar to sunscreen, but for hair! When the hair is still damp, apply a dime size amount of protective cream to the head. Don’t apply too much, or the hair will lack volume and appear lifeless. Avoid the roots too, or those freshly clean locks will look greasy and flat.

3. Blow-dry Hot & Cold

Hair is sensitive, and too much applied heat can damage the ends. Split ends are inevitable, but it’s always better to eliminate as many as possible. Heat is helpful when styling hair, but cold air is what keeps it in place, according to Beauty High. So, after the hair is flat ironed, blow it over with cool air to prevent it from going every which way.

4. Pull It Up

Straightening hair in a top-to-bottom motion can result in an unfortunate, flat look. For the most voluminous appearance, pull the hair upward as it’s being straightened. Beauty High reports that this will give it bulk from the roots out. Remember – straight doesn’t mean a lack of charisma.


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