5 Bogus Fad Diets That are Extremely Hazardous for Your Health!

Fad diets have seen a rise in popularity in recent years. Why is this? Many people are looking for a “magic pill” or the fastest way to lose unwanted weight, without putting in much effort. Well, you don’t have to be a science wiz to know that doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, to lose unwanted weight takes work, something not everyone likes to hear.

Getting in shape and healthy is about more than just going to the gym or skipping a meal, it is a balance between the desired results and the maintaining of overall health. A simple lifestyle change, one that is healthy and really does work, is this: Exercise at least 30 minutes per day, drink a lot of water throughout the day (try flavoring it with fruit or a few slices of cucumber), get plenty of rest, and eat more fruits and vegetables.

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When implementing a new diet, it’s very important that you talk to your doctor. Many of these “fad diets” can have long-lasting effects on your health. Your best option is not to call any changes in diet a “diet”, but just embarking on a journey to be a happier, healthier you each day. This way, you’re more likely to stick with the lifestyle changes.

Here are some diets that you DEFINITELY don’t want to try due to the lasting effects they have on your health:

South Beach- The nutritional advice given for the South Beach diet is simply false, and many people give into it, because they don’t know better. This is the main reason for these fad diets in the first place. Many people don’t understand their nutritional needs, so they go to someone who claims they have the medical credibility to explain what these needs are. The misinformation in the basis of the diet can cause long-lasting health issues for some, and most will not lose weight permanently, if even temporarily.

Dukan- The Dukan diet calls for a high amount of protein and NO carbs, this leaves the body with little energy. Carbs, while soemwhat fattening, are a necessity. Cutting out entire food groups is extremely hazardous for ones health. Also, it can lead to bingeing episodes, resulting in the body gaining back the pounds recently lost very quickly.

Atkins- Any low-carb diets are extremely dangerous for the bodies health. It’s all a balancing act. The human body needs a little bit of everything: carbs, protein and healthy fats. This fad diet was deemed by the President of the American College of Nutrition as the most dangerous to public health. Cutting out carbs, that your body naturally craves, means that an individual will only begin to crave them more, and most likely end up bingeing, potentially leading to a series of metal AND physical health problems. Think about it- the body always wants what it can’t have.

Grapefruit- There are many variations to this diet, but many cut ones daily caloric intake to dangerously low levels. Clearly the body looses weight due to the little amount of calories it is taking in, but this diet places the body into starvation mode. Which means, as soon as it begins receiving the previous foods it was being given again, the weight will return. Also, if taking certain medications, the Grapefruit diet can cause negative reactions when mixed with some chemicals.




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